Find your happy moments

Find your happy moments

Name 5 things in your life that make you happy! Things or moments that bring you joy and satisfaction in your life.
Happiness is a life choice, your choice!

It’s has been a study that says happiness can literally prolong your life. Having a happy life has many positive benefits research evidence proven such as: better health, success, positive affect and well being lead to sociability and helping behavior.

2 weeks ago me and my boyfriend were attending a dinner with another couple and we were talking about our jobs situation, environment at our workplace, kids and stuff. The lady has 2 girls from a previous marriage and she changed jobs many times. Still, she only changed for the better and she is a very successful woman career wise. I admired her guts and the way how she did not let others treat her the way she didn’t though that should be treated. I was telling her about the situation I had at that time at work and she seem to really understand me. One thing catch my ear though… She said that when she was in divorce from her previous husband she was going to therapy. In one of the sessions she had as homework to write 5 things that actually make her happy. In her case one of the moments that made her happy was some evenings alone with no kids no husband,no duties.. Fair enough! I got home and I was thinking, what are my 5 things that I am happy for? How do I even know them?I am not talking about material accomplishments or destinations.

I am talking spiritually, to finding joy and be content no matter your circumstances. Did you ever took some time off your daily routines and wondered about it? If you haven’t I challenge you to do it. All you need is 5 quiet minutes of your time, a big glass of wine, a piece of paper or computer to write them down. Look at the moments that you just wrote and get inspired anytime you feel down and build some more moments like those on the side.

Here are some tips that can help you improve or boost your daily happiness.

I hope these can be useful for you, that would bring me happiness to know.

In the end of the day, that’s what life’s about . Life is a journey and we should try to make that journey a happy one!

Find your happy moments


One of my happy places when I am at the beach and it’s sunny and quiet.

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