Weekly outfits: How to wear double denim or denim on denim.


Double denim or denim on denim whichever you prefer to call it, is a trend that has been around for a long time same as black on black (check the previous article black outfit, anything but basic). Styling this combination is actually very easy, all you need is a pair of blue jeans which I think everyone has and a jeans shirt, jacket or vest. The main rule for denim on denim to respect is to make sure that the washes and colors are a bit different from each other. But nevertheless I think two light colors works well enough also.

Another basic to keep in mind when wearing denim on denim is that the items need to fit you well. By fit you well I mean that the jeans are slim or skinny and your shirt or jacket is fitted. I would recommended slim cuts especially on the legs. The denim on denim combination is worn by many bloggers, models, celebrities such as Zac Efron (you’re welcome) all with different styles and ways of putting it together and showing that anyone can make it work.

But how about this red coat? Either you love it or you don’t. I do! I had it for over 3 years now and all the time I’ve worn it, I had ‘’all eyes on me’’. I bought it from Zara but I am not sure they still have it at least not the same model. But the best part is that I found another place where you can buy a stunning red coat.

Denim on denim and red coat

denim on denim , the red coat

The red coat, denim on denim

How do you like this combination? Looking forward to read your comments.




If you are looking to buy a red coat, I could not find the exact one but this one is similar just not as bright red. Also, the boots that I found are not as high as the ones I have (in case you are not a fan of high heels).

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