Women in Menswear: OOTD

‘’ I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a women in it’’ Marilyn Monroe.

Women and men are really different from each other, different gender, we even come from different planets: Venus and Mars. But the style is universal, right? While men dressed in womenswear hasn’t really caught on yet, women in the other hand are killing it. Basically, women just wear things better. Anything. Over the years, many celebrities have been rocking men’s wear on the red carpet or runaways and it has always been a hit.

I believe that women have a natural intuition of how to fit pieces together and know what works best. I have tried so hard to change my boyfriend’s wardrobe but so far I did not manage to change much. Even though I worked in fashion industry for more than 5 years he is still not convinced that I as a women can dress him well.

My outfit includes a classic men’s white shirt and a sweater. A classic white shirt is a item essential for every girl’s wardrobe. Why do I buy it from men’s department? Because even though it’s a size larger than my usual, it still fits really well and it’s more comfortable. Would you have said that it’s a men’s shirt? Shop.nordstrom gives you the chance to build your own custom dress shirt. Don’t be afraid to try it to!


women in menswear. the white shirt

Besides the classic men’s shirt I am also a fan of their hoodies and some of the sweaters. This Sweater I bought from Zara in size L because I like it loose.

The high heels are the balance that adds femininity to the men’s look.  On my wishlist is a menswear suit and a tie, the dream look for me! Meanwhile, here you can see proof of women rocking suits better than men.


Zara mens sweater




To show my appreciation if you like to shop from Boohoo.com use the code FRIYAY50 for ladies and BF50 for mans for 50% OFF on Everything (except for sales).  The code can be used only until 25/11 at 3 Am East. Have fun shopping 🙂



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