A day in your life: How to have a great start of the week

How to have a great start of the week

After a long weekend or a few days off, Monday feels like the hardest day to cope with. You are thinking of the long week ahead, new challenges for you to attend and the next weekend feels like a lifetime ahead. Instagram is full with quotes on how everyone hates Mondays, basically is a lot of pressure for just a simple day. But, luckily for you I came with some handy tips on how to have a good start of the week.

  • Cultivate yourself with positive emotions. How can you do that? By realising that no matter what hard or unpleasant thing you have to do today, you will find a way to make it work, there is always a solution for everything. Create a little bank account of positive thoughts and deposit in it by thinking of good things that are about to happen to you or remember the good things that have happen to you already. Everyone wants to be successful in their own way but what most people don’t know is that happiness doesn’t come from success, it’s the other way around. ‘’Success comes from happiness’’.
  • Stop counting your day: Make your day count! Ask yourself in the morning ‘’what can I do today that will impact how I feel in a positive way? For example, I spend most of my time writing and reading which is always making me feel good because I am doing something that I love. But exercise and I have a complicated relationship to be honest. Still, 2 times per week, I get my ass out of the apartment and go for a good swim. This is just one of the examples that I can do to make my day count, Sammy Nickalls is giving 7 ways examples to make your day count here.
  • Start your week with a little shopping time. I always like to shop in the beginning of the week, It gives me a few days to think how am I gonna match the items, where or for what occasion am I gonna wear them. That’s why I come up with some suggestions that I handpicked from different website with really good deals.
  • Dress nice for Monday. Even though it’s Monday and you can only hope that you come home from work and enjoy that glass of wine, it doesn’t mean you cannot dress nice for it. By dressing nice I mean having an outfit that you feel good in or is combined with something that you just bought and you are very happy. Even a different pair of shoes than what you usually wear can make a difference. It gives you confidence in yourself and maybe even some nice compliments. Who doesn’t like to receive compliments?
  • Make plans for the end of the week. Having a fun plan ahead gets you excited and it’s something to keep in mind the whole week. Anticipation of something good to come is a positive thought. I get really happy if I get to meet a close friend over a dinner or get to try a new restaurant with my boyfriend(yes, I like restaurants) or the real boost to my happiness, getting together with a family member.
  • Give a tight hug or a kiss to someone you care about. This can easily bring a smile on that person’s face and you can make her/his day. Wouldn’t you be happy to know you brighten up someone else’s day?

As you can see, there are many solutions for you to have a great start of the week. These ideas are examples taken from how I boost my own happiness and I hope you can relate to at least one of them. If you are reading this article on a Sunday, I suggest you make a little list of things to accomplish for the following week and make those a priority. Make a decision to live your life in a way that brings you joy at most times. Of course, in life there are also hard times that everyone will have to deal with, life’s not always pink and butterflies but it’s up to us to meet it with a positive mindset and make the best out of it.

With this being said I hope that I manage to put a smile on your faces and hope you all have a beautiful week.

How to have a great start of the week

What do you do to boots your happiness?

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