Outfit of the day: Black and Red

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‘’ She had ruby red lips, Coal black hair’’ Marty Robbins ( Almost Persuaded).

Because of the grey weather that we have at the moment in Denmark, I felt the need to spice up things a little bit. Black and red are my 2 favourite colours. Black is the darkest color the result of the absence or complete absorption of light. Red in the other hand is emotionally intense color. If you read my previous article  Black on black, Anything but basic you can pick up more inspiration and reasons to wear black and the many occasions you can wear it at. In this article, I will present to you  my choice of a black and red outfit and give you some suggestions on different items you can the red sweater with.

Here is a little secret: For almost 9 years, I had blonde hair. It’s hard to picture me with it now, right? It was my thing, short blonde hair or just down to my shoulders and the fact that I was always wearing red. Almost my entire wardrobe was red or different nuances of red.  It didn’t stop at my clothes, even my nails were red. When I think about it now, I must’ ve been crazy! But everyone has their crazy teenage moments and this was mine. Seeing this red sweater the other day reminded me of those times and the way I used to dress back then.

But back to the way I dress now, this black and red winter look is very easy to put together looks very chic and comfy. It can be used for a lunch date, work, pair it with a pair of high heels and you can even go to a dinner with it. The warm red sweater is from H.M. from their new Christmas collection and the leather skirt from Misspap (sold out in black but similar here). The skirt is high waisted with an open wedge shape in the front, making it look more elegant and not so basic.  Over the knee boots from River Island are one of my favourites, they are my escape for when I want to wear a skirt and aren’t in the mood for high heels. Nevertheless, they would also fit with a pair or tight pants or skinny jeans.

I tried not to add too many accessories since the look already gives anyway a strong and powerful feeling. But I always carry my beloved Givenchy bag because it comes in handy for any place I go, it’s voluminous and even fits a laptop and camera, can you believe it? It’s a bag I am happy I invested in. Cause of it’s price, I cannot buy a bag like this every month but when I do, I worship it.

Black and red outfit


black and red , outfit of the day

Black and red outfit


Please tell me in your comments what you think about the look, is it something you would consider ? If so, also try the red sweater with a pair of classic blue jeans. In addition prints are trendy at this moment and both a zebra and leopard print both could work very well with a red item. Below you can scroll through my suggestions of ways to spice the look up a bit.

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