Inspiration board: Get into the Christmas Spirit

This is a new concept that I have thought about for a while. Here I will collect my favourite pins to show you as an inspiration for some of the topics. As many of you, I find Pinterest very helpful and basically it’s contagiously good. I pin everyday and find different boards to create so if you are on Pinterest get in touch with me here.

My first inspirational board will be about Christmas spirit. Since December is all about giving and receiving, everyone is in a good mood and I can feel the Christmas spirit is already here. It brings me back to the time I grew up. As a child, I believed in Santa for a very long time, probably because my parents did their best to make Christmas look magical and also because as a person I like to believe that there is good magic in this world. I like to be a dreamer even though I know some may never come true. I still watch old Christmas movies and wish to be a child back in the days, at least for one day. Is it just me or you also feel the same?


Get into the Christmas spirit

Get into the Christmas spirit  christmas-spirit-11

Christmas spirit inspiration
Christmas spirit Inspiration




Christmas spirit Inspiration






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