20 Inspiring Lessons 2016 Taught Me

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As we all know this year is soon coming to an end. Time passes so fast and every year around this time I reflect on how the past one was. I think about what could I have done different and what were my lessons. I take out my list from last january of what I wanted to accomplish during the year and see how it went. I think I did pretty good this year. I managed to accomplish almost everything I set my mind to.

With this article I would like to inspire you to give yourself time and think about your year, what did you accomplished, what were your happy and sad moments and what can you still do until the end of the year. Acknowledging your goods and bad moments will help you realize what can you do to steer your life in the direction of happiness. I believe the saying ‘’happiness leads to success not the other way around’’ is a good mantra to follow and there is actually some basis for this, if you are curious, see more in this article on Forbes.com

Here are some of my the insights I took away from my own year and that I hope can inspire you as well:

  1. Learn to love yourself. By finding ways to love yourself for the person you are, others will love you you too.
  2. Stop complaining about how bad a situation is and start doing something to change it instead.
  3. If your answer is no, consider if you’re asking the wrong question or at the wrong time.
  4. Focus on finding your happy moments and cherish them. Read my article Find your Happy moments.
  5. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for someone else’s help. Sometimes you may received it sometimes you may not, but it can never hurt to try.
  6. Stay ambitious! When you have set your mind on a goal then work hard for it, don’t give up when it gets a little tough.
  7. Find what you love to do and do your best to pursue it. I did, I love to write and by my writing I want to inspire people to find the happiness and positivity in their life that I am seeing in my own.
  8. Be patient, don’t expect everything to happen instantly and how you desire. Everything takes and needs time.
  9. Treat your body well by eating healthy and exercise – it will treat you back. Healthy eating directly affects your body, find out more here.
  10. Take time for yourself. Have a ME day once in awhile. If you need suggestions and advice you can find it on my previous article How to have the best ME day.
  11. Don’t instantly judge people for how they are on the outside, you never know what they are hiding inside, what battles they have been through and why they are behaving in a certain way.
  12. Give people a second chance. Nobody is perfect and neither are we, we all have our moments.
  13. Cut down the negativity and the drama in your life. Surround yourself with those that help you in tough times, inspire you and bring positivity to your life.
  14. Do good to others, volunteer for something or someone or try to help someone in pain. The more you serve others then more joyful you will become.
  15. Choose quantity over quality.
  16. Treat your parents with respect and love. It means more to them than you think.
  17. Smile more. It makes a difference to the people around you and you will likely get a smile back.
  18. Music makes life a lot better
  19. Get your sexual life on track. Life is short, have fun.
  20. Be thankful for what you have now.

I sincerely hope that you find some of these lessons useful in your own life and I suggest you take a pen and write your own lessons down. You can use the create a little magic everyday agenda or this as a helper.

In the spirit of December and Christmas I want to kindly ask you to share my stories to social media, friends, family or if you know someone that could be inspired from. As a new blogger I am very thankful for the readers I have but nevertheless, I appreciate the help with growing my dream career.



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Miha 💕

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