Christmas Spirit: Gifts that cost you (almost) Nothing!

Gift that cost you nothing


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There is something about this month, December! We worked a whole year and in the last month, it becomes the busiest month. It’s a lot of stress for an end of the year, isn’t it?

Everywhere on social media you can see gift suggestions for him and her including on my own website (hint hint , Here) but after you have bought all those big and nice presents and made a big hole in your wallet, have you ever consider giving some gifts that won’t cost you any money but could make others a lot happier? Today, I bring you some suggestions of ‘’gifts’’ to make December ‘’the most wonderful time of the year’’ for others to.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Spend as much as you can of your Holiday with your parents. Trust me, from my own  experience I can tell you that you are going to wish to have more moments with them when they are gone. Tell your family members you love them.
  2. Smile more! I mentioned this in my previous Article ‘’How to have the best ME – day’’ and I believe it to be a great gift for anyone during Christmas Time. Together with a smile you could also add for example a compliment or a small gesture  such as holding the door for someone .
  3. Donate to Charity. Find the charity closest to your heart or next a church that uses the  money to help others. Think about how much you can influence a child or someone else’s life by giving a little bit from yours. It doesn’t necessarily have to be money, but can also be clothes, food or used books. Share the idea with one of your friends also.
  4. Babysit for Free. Do you have friends with kids, that you know they haven’t slept or gone for a date night in a long time? Offer to take care of their child for a few hours so they can enjoy an evening out. Give them the pleasure to be able to do something they haven’t had a chance to do in a while.
  5. Have you send already your Christmas Card? I personally didn’t yet because I haven’t  finally decided which picture to use. This year I will pick a picture with me and my boyfriend from the phone, print it out and make it as a Christmas Card. I know that my family that live very far away would be very happy to have a picture with us to frame. Is is these kind of memories that count. What do you think about this Christmas Card Idea?

These kind of gifts not only cost very little money if any, but are also among those that will have the biggest impact on both the receiver and you. They will be happier but it will also give you the feeling of appreciation and gratitude.

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Happy Holiday Everyone!


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