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Women accesories

If you take a look through my website you can see that so far I have only presented outfit inspirational ideas but nothing for accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I like accessories and I think they are essential for everyone, both ladies and men but when it comes to a watch, bracelet, a bag or jewelry, I prefer to keep it more minimal. For example, I like to invest more in a universal and classic watch and have it for a longer period instead. These kind of accessories make a statement when you present yourself. Statement pieces can also be jewerly, shoes, a jacket or pulling an outfit together, basically anything that can define your personal style.


The golden Lars and Jennings Watch is traditional 40mm polished gold plated 316L with a Milanese band and something I use as an everyday option. I have had it for 1 year now and it’s still going strong. I have worn it a lot, for many different occasions and it has gotten me a lot of compliments on the way. Nicole from  says ‘’A gold watch is a great way to dress an outfit up – try leaving it loose so it looks like a bracelet’’ and I couldn’t agree more.


Consider investing in a nice watch an investment that you do in yourself. And like I said in previous article ‘’ how to have the best ME-day’’, you should invest in yourself with any opportunity you catch. This can also be a great present for someone since we are in the holiday month. You can find the golden watch HERE .


What does ‘’statement’’ mean?


A statement piece is the piece that makes a big difference for your outfit. Take for example a statement necklace, you see a girl on the street wearing a totally bold outfit, lounge wear but then you pair it with a big silver chain necklace that will  give the outfit a brand new vision. People won’t focus on the outfit anymore, instead it shifts to your necklace instead. Without the necklace nobody would even notice her, but with it – they will. That is a statement piece.

women accesorie

women accesories

Women acceosories

Bellow you can find many other classic examples of watches that can make a statement.




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