Clip in Hair Extensions

As you could all see I never had hair longer than shoulders and to be honest this is the longest I ever had it in my life. As a child I only had short hair and in my high school years also just with many styles and colors (including pink and blue, I know haha). After high school I kept my hair blonde for many years, hard to imagine right?

When I moved to Scandinavia I thought I would make some changes (and it was the Twilight period) and color my hair black. I really liked it and I felt more myself with this color, but there was always something missing, not having the length wanted. So when Irresistible Me approached me for a collaboration, I thought that this is my time!

The extensions are 100% human Remy hair and they are individually and manually made so anything you would do to your own natural hair, you can go ahead and do with the extensions.

Here are few steps you need to know in order to pick the right extensions.

Step 1. First you need to pick from the 2 different types of extensions : Silky Touch and Royal Remy.
Silky touch is very good quality human hair at the best price, this option is great if you are only starting out using extensions or if you are just going to use them occasionally.
Royal Remy line is also made from human hair, but Irresistible Me picks their top quality hair for this line of extensions and puts it through a special process that is unique to the brand, adding a lot of silkiness, making them stronger and more durable. It’s the best quality you can find on the market.

Step 2. Pick the right length and weight for you. The extensions come in 6 different length and 3 different weights and Irresistible me has detailed instructions on their website to help you find the right one for you.

Step 3. Choose the perfect color for your hair extensions. They come in different tones and colors for black, brown, blonde, red including ginger and rosewood. That is all!

I picked the jet black Silky Touch extension in a 16” length (40.6 cm) with a 140g weight. They are extremely easy to put in and afterwards you don’t feel them.

This is the fun part about being a blogger, challenging myself to try new things and having the option to explore and give share my honest opinion about different products. I never had extensions before and started out not knowing how to put them in but because of their clip in they are really easy to use and adding them does not take more than 5 minute tops.

I have prepared a short tutorial where you can see how I apply the clip in hair extensions without a mirror. You can find the extensions on Irresistible Me.

Here is how my hair looked before using the clip in extensions.


Clip in hair Extensions

Having fun putting them on.

Clip in hair Extensions

Clip in hair Extensions

Clip in hair Extensions

And After

Clip In hair extensions


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