A day in your life: Lessons 2016 taught me

20 lessons 2016 taught me

31 December, my last post on the blog for this year 2016.

To be honest, I couldn’t wait for this year to end. I need a fresh start, a new life and new challenges. December has been a busy month for me, it went by really fast but still a lot of things happened. Unfortunately, the end of the year has got me thinking that is time for me to pay more attention to the choices that I make and people that I keep around me, those that I appreciated but didn’t deserve it and those that deserved more from me but didn’t get it.

In the other hand I am proud of myself for taking the decision to start blogging again and thankful for all those that read my blog, come visit me often and follow me to stay updated. I hope that through my blog I manage to inspire people to get the courage to do what they love (not necessarily blogging) and through my success to show people that everyone can make it to the top.

With this being said I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and leave you with the posts that got the most reads from the last month, hopefully you will enjoy them.


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