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Topshop dress


Hello everyone!


I don’t know how is the weather in your country but I feel like I cannot complain enough about how it currently is here in Denmark. Windy, grey and snowing, but not the fairytale scenic snow, instead we get the one that melts almost instantly. It makes me really moody and tired, feeling like I just wanna drop everything and go to bed. But, I refuse to! In the sidebar on the bottom right of the website you can see my schedule for when I am posting and it’ll give you idea what to expect and when.

For today’s post, I would like to present you a knitwear dress that I recently purchased from HERE. My main criteria for choosing this type of dress is:


  • It keeps you warm, even in this weather and looks stylish while doing so. I wore it under my red coat and was not cold at all. (except when I took my coat off to take pictures outside, *brrr*).
  • It works with high heels. I like wearing high heels and it spices up the look a bit, but in my opinion you can also wear it with flat boots or even sneakers in the spring.
  • The fabric it’s so nice and so soft, it feels like wearing cashmere (but without paying the high price).
  • I look at it as an investment. You know those days when you are in a hurry and feel like you don’t have anything to wear? Well, just slip on the dress. Or the days when you don’t know what to match with the jeans or the blouse you picked? Grab the dress and you won’t have to worry about that.
  • It’s basically two dresses in one. You can leave the arms it in front of the dress or in the back. I choose to wear it in front because it hides my holiday weight gain a bit but if you are comfortable about your body then go ahead and wear it with the arms in the back. Show it off!


The photos were taken by a friend of mine that actually got me thinking about something. The other day she asked me why pick the title ‘ be you, very well’’ for the website? I told her that is the motto that I believe in. That everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and that’s what I would like others to be also. But I feel like I might not have expressed that enough to you guys and it’s something that I want to work on from now on. I know that fashion bloggers are everywhere right now and as a reader you have many to choose from, but I want to be special and different. I do present fashion but my opinions are honest and will always be. There will be also 2 big changes to my body that I will make sure to include you guys in when the time is right, so stick with me.
Meanwhile, how do you like the pictures? We played a bit with photoshop (first time I am using it) so that’s why some of the pictures have a different look to them than others but let me know which one you like the most.


Topshop dress

Topshop dress

Topshop dress

Topshop dress

Knitwear dress HERE

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