5 Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs you should be following

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs you should be following

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Prepare your coffee/tea, put your fluffy pajamas on and make yourself comfortable because  you are in for a treat. This post features 5 other bloggers that I have carefully picked up for you and that I think you should be following this January.  

It all started last week when I made a post asking for fashion and style bloggers, who wanted to be featured on my website. I asked them to send me an email with their website and I would check it out and, give my honest opinion and share the best with you all.

My goal with this post is to create an opportunity for others bloggers to share their experience and keep in touch but also for readers to have a chance to explore and get inspired from other personal styles.

Before I continue to share my list of bloggers, I want to thank to those that took time and send me an email about their website, I really enjoyed reading all of your websites.  

Enjoy my list:

fashion and lifestyle blog

Huesofwhite. Santina is a mother of 2 little boys who has taken to the blogging career and made it a full time job for herself. Her blog was founded in September 2016 and it’s her way of expression her love for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her goal is to make people feel beautiful, confident in what they are wearing and inspire readers through visual content. She is a proud member of the liketoknow.it family and she is presenting it very well on her social media accounts. Her great taste in clothes and especially shoes caught my eye and I am sure it will do the same for you.


Fashion and Lifestyle blog

Rebel Angel. It’s a very personal style and lifestyle blog written by Sian. Through her blog Sian talks about everything she is passionate about such as: She is a book addict, a Disney lover (so am I haha), she loves sharing her outfits and home inspiration. I love that she is not afraid to use colors in her outfits. She is even sewing some of her own clothes and runs a local Brownie pack. Now I know that you are thinking about Brownies like me but it’s actually a division of Girlguiding from age of 7-10 exclusively for girls. How cool is that?  


fashion and lifestyle blog

Lisa- Marie kiss. For Lisa- Marie, Her Blog is her creative space, a place where she shares her love and knowledge of  anything fashion and lifestyle related. I like that she is only 19 years old, studying fashion retail management and on top of that she is interning as a fashion marketer. For a student her blog and her goals is something to admire and learn from.


fashion and lifestyle blog

http://onecorporatechic.com/  Is a new blog founded by Mina. Mina wants to share her lifestyle as a busy young woman working as a freelance event manager. She lives her life shared between Paris and London, and finds London is her favourite city so far. I really like that she covers so many different topics on her blog, from fashion to interior design to lifestyle and many more. It should be easy for anyone to find a post about something they like on her website.


fashion and lifestyle blog

And finally a special mention for Viva Luxury. She did not mail me to be featured on my website but this is a blog that I really like so I decided to share it with you anyway. Her posts always have amazing quality pictures, She has great style and a sense for matching clothes. In addition her webpage looks very clean but still stylish. For me it’s an example of what I would like to pursue with my blog.


I hope you enjoyed the blogs I shared with you as much as I did.


I will aim to have one post every month featuring 5 bloggers so if you are a blogger please feel free to email me with a small description about your blog.

P.S. Thank you to those that left a comment at the post here and on my Facebook, Instagram  page but I needed an email with a description about your website to get a little background about it not just share the link. Have a lovely weekend!

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I look forward to see you back on my website!

Miha 💕


Let me know which bloggers style appeal most to your own personal one and why.


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