3 Essential Beauty Products

I don’t know about you but when it comes to make-up and beauty products, I really don’t use that much. Unless, I am going for a special occasion, my daily makeup is simple, clean and natural. To be honest, in the summer I don’t even put on foundation but I do use lots of moisturising creams, masks and lipstick. I am planning another article about my daily skin care routines and the creams and masks I use (which are mostly natural) but for now I’ve chosen 3 items from my little make-up I like the most at the moment.

L'Oreal foundation

L’oreal foundation. It’s a super blendable foundation that perfectly matches skin color and texture. It applies really easy and fast on your skin and honestly does not feel heavy or to much, depending on how much you put on of course. You can find it Here at a really good price.


Topshop Glow stickThe Glow Stick. It’s called glow because it gives you that effect, it glows – seriously! It’s light reflecting cream highlighter that defines and enhances the skin. Because it’s a stick all you have to do it’s twist it up and applied it to your skin, this means you can carry it around in your purse and have it ready anywhere and anytime. Before I ordered it, I checked the reviews and they were all very positive and I have to agree. You can find similar here.


essentials beauty products

Dior Rouge lipstick Couture. This lipstick is part of Dior’s line Dior Couture that has 55 couture colours from Satin to Matte- Comfort & Wear, you might know it from the commercials with Bella Hadid. I picked this color because during this winter time I always like to wear darker colors and it just caught my eyes from the first moment I saw it. Get yours from here.


I hope you all find this article useful and let me know in your comments what your favourite beauty products are and if you have any tips.

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  • Shelise Saddul

    I’m exactly the same I don’t even wear foundation unless its a night out or something, I do however have a slight lipstick obsession, I usually use Mac but I love that Dior one! Can’t wait for the daily skin care routine post I love seeing what other people use compared to me!


    • I am also crazy about the Mac lipsticks hahah. As soon as I post it I will make sure to give you a hint. Thank you!