Flared Pants- 1970’s to 2017 trend

Flared pants – a very popular trend in 1970’s – 1970 Pants I call them. Worn with pride by everyone, rich and poor, teeny boppers, football hooligans, God… even my dad used to wear them. To be clear, I was not born in 1970’s but I have seen pictures of him wearing them. The good thing is that the trend is coming back and although I am not one for the newest trends in fashion but more for what fits my personal style, I cannot be more happy about this particular trend. The reason why I like this so much is that it makes me look taller and skinnier than I actually am, they work with many different pair of shoes and can be used for different occasions. However, no matter how you wear them, they give a 70’s kinda look.

Flared pantsFlared pantsFlared pants

Fashion icons like Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss have been rocking these lately and the latest fashion shows from Paris and Milan has confirmed the return of the 1970’s style to the catwalk.

Victoria Beckham in flared pants

Kate Moss in Flared Pants
Pictures taken from Pinterest 

I have several pairs of Flared Pants, but I find these burgundy flared wool pants closer to the 80’s look. Yes, wool because here summer has come and gone already and I am planning to slowly start building my wardrobe for Fall/Winter and wool is a great fabric to have, it’s comfortable in all seasons. These particular pants are perfect for the office with a white shirt or even a black shirt, however since they are not very long, styling them with a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt can also work really well for a day look. In fact, that was my plan to begin with but in the end I decided to go for this look instead and combined them with the mules.


The choice of white top was actually my boyfriend’s idea because the top it’s very cute and it has a nice V cut in the back. What do you think?

Burgundy Flared pants 80's fashion

Styling the Jord Wood Watch

Flared pants outfit


Flared burgundy pants

Flared pants burgundy

Short hairStyle 2017

Flared Pants HERE

White Top HERE

Suede Mules (very similar ) HERE or HERE

Suggestions of tops that would work perfect with this kind of trousers



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