A man’s perspective on Valentine’s Day and Sexy Lingerie

Valentines day dinner
Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Valentine’s Day. A day of romance, a holiday in the name of love, celebrated by people around the globe. February has long been celebrated as the month of romance and St. Valentine’s Day is only a week away. How do you feel about that? Are you in a relationship with someone or in a great relationship with yourself?

Before I met my boyfriend, I spend Valentine’s Day either with the guy I used to date at that time, home alone with lots of wine and popcorn or out with a friend as 2 single gals which turned out to be super fun.

So, let’s just say I have tried a few different ways to spend my Valentine’s Day. I am not the romantic type of girl, I am not so much for compliments, flowers (though I do like gifts), ‘’kinda hard to please’’ says my boyfriend, so Valentine’s day puts a bit of pressure on us. If you are in a relationship then Valentine’s is a good opportunity to spicy it up. Perhaps give gifts to each other and even better, try hard to please each other (yes, also in bed). If you are not in a relationship with someone, don’t worry I have reserved a post with things to do to enjoy your night alone on Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned!

However, I thought you might like to hear a man’s opinion regarding sexy lingerie and his thoughts about valentine’s day. So, I made a small interview with my boyfriend that I hope you will find useful. Before I start, he said to inform you all that this is just his opinion and not all men might agree with it.


  1. What do you think about Valentine’s day? Is it something you are looking forward to?

Him: Normally it is, it reminds me to keep the romance in the relationship, but it’s also puts a bit of pressure on me that you have to do something that specific day.


  1. What would you like a girl to wear for an evening like this?

Him: I would like her to wear something feminine, a dress and heels perhaps. It’s a bit old fashioned, but I think that is OK for Valentine’s day..


  1. What kind of lingerie turns you on the most?

Him: I like something with laces that still leave a bit for the imagination. Personally I don’t really like the classic sexy red color, but anything else works.


  1. Why should a girl bother to buy lingerie when she could just be naked?

Him: I certainly wouldn’t mind that, but as I said before – something left for the imagination is preferable, it makes it even better.


  1. What would you like for Valentine present?

Him: First and foremost I would like your company on a romantic evening (cough cough) but I actually would also really like a new minimalistic wallet that I promise to use when I will pay for dinner.

Here were his choices if you are interested in making a gift for him


Well you can see who’s the romantic in my relationship from these questions. What did you girls think about the questions? Was is something you were wondering? If you have other questions and you would like an answer from a man’s perspective, let me know in your comments.

Now that we have clarified what we need, we should start with the beginning.. Finding some nice lingerie for your evening.

Have a look below and pick your favourite, if you order now you can have it in time for Valentine’s Day.




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