Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him & Her

valentine's day gift for her


Not much time left until Valentine’s Day so hurry up and order your gift so you can have it delivered in good time. These gifts are here to cover you whether you go out on a date or just surprise your partner with something special. For Her I picked things that I would like to receive and for him I picked items that my boyfriend would like to get. I hope you find some of them useful and thanks for stopping by!

Ladies first – Gifts for Her

    1. Cher Stud EarringsI don’t usually wear big earrings so that’s why these caught my eyes, both for the unique shape but also for their good price.
    2. Coconut SoakA luxurious and indulgent bath soak with skin-softening organic coconut milk as its base. Perfect for hydrating and softening skin. It would come in handy for Her to use while enjoying a nice relaxing bath and God knows how much women love long relaxing baths.
    3. Grapefruit’ Reed Diffuser Pink pomelo grapefruit and watery green nuances are blended with lily of the valley and coriander blossom. This would be a very good scent for me and it fits the mood with the nice relaxing Soak from above. If you know her favourite fragrance then you can find more to choose from on the website.
    4. 4 Level Jewelry BoxI mean, OMG .. tell me a girl that would not like this! It’s perfect for jewelry, beautiful arranged and sooo cheap for what it’s worth.
    5. POUTMUDit’s called but it’s not mud, it’s just a lip balm that can be used by every girl, you can find it in different colors (If you don’t know which one she prefers then I suggest either a red or nude color) and women like practical things that are easy to carry around, so this is the one.
    6. Geo Quilted Love Cross Body BagA structured Rebecca Minkoff cross-body bag styled in quilted leather. I love everything from the Rebecca Minkoff collection and from what I can see, most other women love it to. With this Cross Bag you cannot go wrong! Otherwise, if you think this is a bit too much, pick the one below.
    7. Leo Clutchthis one, is not as pricey the cross body bag and it’s also from the Rebecca Minkoff collection. She can even use it for the Valentine’s evening in the dinner.
    8. Amaya’ Chemisethis is kinda like a gift for you worn by her. I personally go for black when it comes to sleepwear because I find it more sexy and if I don’t feel great about my body, black covers it. However, as much as women like to feel sexy we also liked it when it comfortable to sleep in. So check out the next ones.
    9. Satin lace lingerie setThis one looks sexy but is also more comfortable to sleep in.



I have lot more ideas for gifts for Her but for now I hope you can find something from these above. In my previous article, The watch that makes a statement you can find a gorgeous golden watch that will never go out of style as an extra gift idea.

Shop the gifts from here to.


Gifts for him

In my opinion a nice gift for him is you for dinner hehe. Dressed in one of the lingeries from my previous post  A man’s perspective on Valentine’s Day and sexy lingerie but it would be nice surprise to offer them something extra, such as:

    1. Leather Slim Sleeve Wallet – Black a nice minimalistic wallet, there are more choices of wallets that my boyfriend picked for himself HERE
    2. Leather Briefcase – from Ted Baker, a great bag to use for his laptop when he goes at work, this one is in black and it’s simple but you can find similar ones in different colors on the website. I gave to my boyfriend a similar one but in brown as a gift for christmas and he’s never leaving home without it, he loves it.
    3. Club Monaco Leather Dress Beltan adjustable Club Monaco Leather Dress Belt that can fit him well both for jeans but also goes with a nice pair of pants to go to work in.
    4. Akron’ Plain Toe Derby (Men)when it comes to shoes, it’s a little bit harder to find the right pair, but my advice is to try to give a hint in advance or ask him or just look to see the kinds of shoes he’s been wearing so far. It’s important that if you buy a pair of shoes for him that they are leather and a color he can use with his wardrobe. Most of the guys like this model but you can also find different ones on the website.
    5. Alta’ Wireless Fitness TrackerIf he is into sports or goes to the gym, this is definitely a good gift to offer. It calculates distance, activity time, calories burned and steps taken throughout the day and features a low-profile display to indicate your real-time progress.
    6. Daniel Wellington the classic 40mm Watch with Black Leather Band that fits any man’s style, it’s practical, at a very good price plus is water resistant.
    7. Smart’ Tech Accessories & Cables Casefrom my experience, men are all about their cables. Basically my apartment is constantly filled with cables and for some reason we always need more. Cable and tools are not my friends but I think that in order for them to their cables and tools more organised, a case for it would be just great.
    8. Kilburn’ Bluetooth – This bluetooth speaker is everything, it’s portable and offers a well- balanced audio for the complete package, it’s very lightweight and will not disturb the neighbours.
    9. Fisher Space Pena gift to have it wherever he goes and all the times he uses it he will think of you knowing that you gave this gift to him. The fisher Space Pen was created in 1940’s and sent to space with the NASA Apollo missions. It can write at any angle and at any temperature. That is why this is not just a normal nice pen, it’s a special one.


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Let me know which one will you be having for your Valentine in your comments .


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