Be your own Valentine

Be your own valentine


‘’Who needs a Valentine when you can have a Valentino’’

But what do you do when you don’t have a Valentine and you can’t afford a pair of Valentinos?

You stick me with, Girl!

Now, I cannot give you a pair of Valentinos, sorry, I don’t even have a pair for myself but instead I can offer you some tips on how you can spend ‘’Valentine’s Day’’ when you have no plans.

Normally you probably wouldn’t be bothered by an evening alone but this particular day it can be a bit tough not only because of it’s meaning but also because everywhere around you, people are celebrating it, buying presents, romantic gestures and so on. So in order to avoid seeing all that, staying away from social media for the day is probably the best idea.

Here is what you need.


  • First of all, who says that you have to stay in?? If you have a friend with no plans for Valentine’s Day then arrange an evening out. In my experience, the best time to catch guys, is on the Valentine’s Day. You are going out because you have no plans and so are they, that way you don’t end up with a guy that already has a girlfriend. And it works the same the other way around.
  • If you don’t feel like going out, then here is how I usually spend an evening in. First I clean my apartment, doesn’t have to be super clean but enough that I feel comfortable in it. Then I arrange for a nice relaxing bath. For the bath don’t forget these important ingredients : a nice aromatherapy candle HERE, bath salt HERE, calming face mask HERE and after the bath a nice relaxing body oil HERE. Even though I don’t go out I always like to use a bit of perfume, it makes me feel sexy. Talking about sexy, to get yourself in a good mood another important factor is choosing some sexy yet comfortable lounge or sleepwear. Below you can find some options of what I am talking about.


  • The next step is dinner and movie or your favourite show, if like me you don’t like to cook than order some take out but when it comes to shows I can recommend ‘’Girlfriends guide to divorce’’. It’s about 4 women lives in L.A. with different styles, jobs and problems. It covers all sorts of topics such as: drama, comedy, love, sex it’s a bit  like “Sex And The City” but in a L.A. version and with less smoking.
  • Now, we covered some of the things we need for your valentine’s evening but we still need… WINE! And darling, I hope you like wine because I suggest it in almost all my posts from this category. Funny story, I used to not like red wine because a few years back I drank a bottle of cheap red wine (don’t judge, it happens) and of course the next day I felt terrible. For  5 years I blamed all red wine and did not touch it, I couldn’t even stand the smell until I recently tried a really nice Merlot. And I’ve learned that if you limit it to only one or maximum two glasses, red wine is not that bad, quite good actually. I should’ve put this in my previous article  lessons that 2016 taught me.
  • The last thing to complete your perfect night, chocolate and popcorn. Truffles are my favourites.


With these preparations you will end up having a very busy Valentine’s Day evening. Busy with spoiling yourself. I wrote three other posts on the same topic of finding ways to spoil yourself and if you are interested you can find them here:

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