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Hello everyone!


Today I would like to present you the new Rule Suede Mules. As we all know the Mules trend is very big this year especially in this period. Many fashion icons are presenting them very well. Personally, I am not a fan of all the mule shoe designs from this year, for example I don’t like the those with flat soles or leather and fur inside but I do like the ones with a heel like these.


I bought the red ones from the picture to go with my Fashion Week outfit for this Saturday. Hint, stay with me this weekend to see all the new trends from London Fashion Week, pictures and my meeting with one of my favourite bloggers so a lot of things to catch up on for next week. But back to my shoes, I was saying that I bought these for Fashion Week but also because I like red, especially suede red. The good part is that they look exactly how they are presented on the website, just even better in reality. And they are more comfortable than I thought so far, plus they cost almost nothing. 

topshop redshoes

topshop redshoes

 Red Suede Mule HERE

Red Lipstick HERE

Chocolate HERE

If you are passionate about mules this season, I handpicked some of my favourites for you below. They are a good investment for building your spring inventory so I think you should totally go for it. Have fun!

Shop the Mule’s 


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How do you like the Mule Trend this year? 

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