Chanel Joan Elkayam

chanel joan elkaman

I would like to dedicate this post to an amazing designer that I had the opportunity to meet at London Fashion Week. Her name is Chanel Joan Elkayam, she is 19 years old (yes, you read right) born in Manchester England.

Chanel Joan Elkayam had an interest in fashion from a really young age with a great talent for natural refined technique, precise touch and creativity. She is currently a BA Womenswear student at Central Saint Martin’s University in London. At London Fashion Week 2017 she presented her Womenswear collection for the AW17 season, named “La Sola Rosa”. At the same time Chanel also launched her first collection of bags and belts “Saftah Gamilah’’ inspired by her grandmother.

Her collection appeals to all tastes because of it’s thin silhouettes with different cut and sensual fabric. The collections are embroidered and hand embellished with Swarovski crystals and glass beads. Chanel takes the view that even the smallest detail is important to complete a perfect complimentary garment.

Here are few pictures from the show where she presented her new collection.

chanel joan elkaman

chanel joan elkaman

chanel joan elkaman

On a personal note, what really strikes me is that she is only 19 years old, and has already accomplished so much and received impressive recognition, both from media and the fashion industry. To mention just a few Chanel has been awarded Young Designer of the year UK 2015, International Fashion Designer of the Year 2016 by the New York Fashion Awards, launched and presented several collections at prestigious fashion shows around the world. All I can say about Chanel is that she amazed me with her elegance and style, for a young girl to have come so far in the fashion industry must not have been easy. Aside from her talent, it takes guts, ambition and hard work to get where she is right now.

Chanel’s label is aimed to empower women of all ages and taste. Her collection fits very well the modern, sophisticated, timeless and elegant woman. Both her and her designs are an inspiration.

“Be forever evolving and unique”..always. – Chanel Joan Elkayam

All photos by Miha Balan, credit to Chanel Joan Elkayam for designs featured.


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