Building your Spring Wardrobe

A nice breeze of hot air, cherry blossoms blooming all over the city, flowers starting to come out, what does that sound like? Spring! While enjoying your city in spring time, what trends are you planning to add to your personal style?

Personally, I can’t wait for when I won’t be needing my winter wardrobe any more. I will clean my closet of winter clothes, pack them away and make room for spring outfits. Even though warm clothes are still needed, I already stopped buying any more this season and am now just focused on slowly building a fresh new wardrobe for the year.  

Here is what I got so far:

The beige coat, it’s much lighter than the beige one I have for winter and it’s a trend that never goes out of style. You can find it here and read all about it here.

camel coat


The knitwear dress, I seriously love this one. It is very comfortable, cosy and versatile. I have only good things to say about it and you can find it here and read all about it here.

Topshop dress


Flared pants, this is not a trend that everyone feel comfortable wearing but I do. I had a pair of flared jeans a few years back and because my legs are not very long, wearing the flared jeans with heels makes me look  taller, skinnier and just gives a great shape to my body. Find them here and Read all about them here.

flared pants


The pajama suit from na-kd, that I wore at London Fashion Week. I look forward to be able to style it with other different items and see how it looks. A pajama suit like this can be used for going out, an office party and even a brunch because it looks like you just woke up in the morning. Read all about it here.

NA-Kd pijama suit


And in the end, the  shoes. The red Suede Mules is the kind of shoes that you don’t have to worry about feeling comfortable walking in, even though they do have a bit of heel. I am planning to pair them with jeans in the spring, combined with a blazer and a shirt, but depending on the occasion they can also work with a dress. The snake leather Steve Madden shoes are much higher and really make a statement. I don’t have a problem walking in them, but I don’t recommend them if you are not used to high heels.

Mules shoes

steve madden


Are you lucky enough to live somewhere where you can already start spring cleaning your closet? Which trends are you most crazy about so far?

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