Is weather affecting your mood? & OOTD – the Perfect dress for Spring

asos dress

This Saturday, the weather was amazing. I come from a country where spring actually means temperatures around 10-16 degrees celsius (50-60 fahrenheit), but living in Scandinavia for the last 7-8 years has taught me to appreciate the sun at every opportunity I get. It is not often that we have days with a clear sky and a bright sun. The kind of day that makes you want to stay out on the balcony, sing and almost expect birds to come and sing with you, maybe that’s just me haha..


However, this Saturday was that kind of day. It made me realize that it totally changed my mood, my focus and I was suddenly so full of hope. I went out and took some pictures with an outfit and for once I did not freeze.


There has been extensive studies that have shown weather to have a big effect on our moods. Studies show that weather – hot weather in particular – affect our mood, our outlook, even our degree of happiness or sadness.


Are you one of the people whose mood is affected by weather? Does sun and hot weather put you in a better mood like it does with me? If so, I thought about few things that we can do to make sure we enjoy the good weather that hopefully is about to come.



Bottom of the line is that you need to be kind to yourself, do things that make and bring you joy and I hope that reading my Motivational Articles can inspire you a bit. Meanwhile, here are the pictures that I took out in the sun, with a dress that I thought goes very well the spring mood and vibe. What do you think?


asos dress for spring

Dress HERE

Clutch (black) HERE

Sandals from last year but similar and super cute HERE

Pssst.. the picture with the dress got featured on yay

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