When it’s just a bad day

Bad day outfit

‘’Breathe, it’s just a bad day not a bad life’’


Those where the words I said to myself a few days ago when half of my day was ruined by some misfortunate events.

Truth be told, I woke up to an email about a cancelled collaboration that I was super excited about and I had forgotten to buy coffee so I had no morning coffee, which for me is a must to start my day. I was supposed to meet my friend to take some pictures but I was insanely late. We were supposed to take pictures for an article that I was scheduled to post for you guys on and the location was perfect but just so happened that in that day the place where I was planning the pictures to be taken was closed for renovation, c’mon! We ended up going around and trying other locations but after 3 hours of posing, they just didn’t not turn out so great.

We both got a bit angry about the situation and decided to focus on something else and call it a day. By the time I got home, my monthly visit came (ladies, you know) and I ran out of time to post. I was just in too bad of a mood to write anything. I am trying my best to keep a schedule where I post 3 times per week Monday, Wednesday and Friday and keep it consistent so for me to not have material to post is a big deal.

Pheww! I just sat on the couch and thought about my day and although I was a bit frustrated I couldn’t change anything anymore, I just had to accept it – that was not my day!

I had a small nap of 20 minutes and when I woke up the sun was shining, which is rare here in Denmark. It got me thinking that maybe I was too hard on myself! So what, a big collaboration was cancelled, it happens and many others will come around. I don’t have pictures for the article, that just means I won’t post now, but instead wait to post until I have proper ones! It’s not the end of the world, right?

By the end of the day, my boyfriend cooked dinner for me and to top it off it was a disaster hahah but we just made fun of it because that’s the beauty of having some bad days. Two days later, thinking about that day I realised that I have some lessons that I’ve learned to share with my readers in case they experience a bad day:


When something not right happens we tend to feel a range of emotions – sadness, anger and frustration and then a whole circuit of bad things happen, right? Our attitude towards the problem is mainly the problem. If we try to see the big picture and focus on the good in each situation, it will completely change the way of events.

Being too hard on yourself is not the solution. Blogging can be quite hard and honestly at times frustrating. It’s hard work to create good content and get a good audience and at times it’s tempting to just stay on my couch watch TV and eat chips’’ (which I never do). But these are just thoughts, hopeless thoughts that I have sometimes and if I would listen to them I would’ve actually now be with my ass on the couch and not pursuing what I love.. We control the negative thoughts in our head so we have the power to change them into something like: ‘’ Okay, so this didn’t work out but at least I still have my health, I have ambition and I can always start over’’

What would life be without bad days? Seriously, we cannot expect life to be perfect, can we? Nobody’s life is and it is completely normal that sometimes we have bad days. We all strive for the best but being prepared for obstacles with realistic expectations saves us from disappointment if things don’t work out.

There is a lesson and a reason for each struggle. Complaining, which I am very good at it hahah is the easiest thing to do when dealing with a struggle but searching for the lesson in it will make you see the positive in the situation. I don’t know about you but I am the kind of person who believes that things happen or don’t happen for a reason. If something is meant for you it will happen 🙂

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be’’ – Abraham Lincoln.  When you are upset get your mind off those bad thoughts and start by being thankful for small things you have. That can be anything from enjoying your cup of coffee in the morning to reading my motivational articles (cough)  that hopefully will put you in a good mood.

With this being said I am now laughing regarding that bad day and happy that I had the support of my friends and my boyfriend to hear me complain about it and the drive to learn some lessons from it.  

When you have a bad day

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