The oversized denim jacket

Oversized Denim Jacket Jacket Denim denim look Fall fashion 2017

The oversized Denim Jacket! 


So happy that it is Friday! Since I started this blog, I’ve only been taken days off blogging on holidays. If I am not writing, I am researching about a topic or taking pictures. But starting with this week I decided that I should have a 9-17 schedule, Monday- Friday and the weekend off. It ended up being 10 – 22.00 many days but oh well, it’s worth it. From my working schedule and the activity on the blog, I made a weekly routine for my posts too. From now on, you can expect a published post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there may be an extra one during the weekend but it really depends on the material and what I stumble upon. Big tip right here, subscribe to my email updates so I can have your emails hahha, and for you to be updated with my blog activity (no spams, promise).


This jeans jacket though.. It’s so me! I just love it and I will have to apologize in advance because you are going to see a lot of outfits with it in the future. Since I was a small girl I felt very comfortable dressing in a more boyish style with oversized t-shirts or wearing a cap but there are also times when I like wearing something tight with high heels and a nice shirt so basically, it’s all about my mood and purpose on that day. But this Spring, I am planning to enjoy my time outside in the sun with drinks and friends so that is why after many searches on different websites, I finally found it. The oversized Denim jacket!

The oversized denim jacket

The oversized denim jacket

The oversized denim jacket

Denim Jacket (similar) HERE (mine is size S).

Denim shirt HERE

Denim pants HERE

Sneakers HERE 

I am a bit disappointed in the market, I usually shop from brands that are appealing to all kinds of people, that are easy shop from and who ship all over the world but this time, I found tons of super nice jeans jackets but not all sizes. Denim jackets are super popular at the moment, versatile and great for spring but really hard to find in stock. Checking now at forever 21, I see the that jacket I bought 3 days ago is sold out  which is sad but I found some other denim jackets for you, some that are similar and some a bit different in style. Hurry up and get them since they sell out super fast everywhere.


Denim jackets – Hurry up, denim jackets are usually sold out fast 




Pink denim jacket HERE

RIP denim jacket HERE

New Look denim jacket HERE

Longline denim jacket HERE

Black oversized denim jacket HERE

Denim Girlfriend denim jacket HERE

Wishing you a great weekend, filled with joy and laughter and if you are looking for a good read, check out some of these articles:

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