Denim jacket and Flare pants for a Monday kick

Flared pants and Denim jacket

This combination of flared pants and the oversize denim jacket is probably something I would wear on a daily basis. I feel very comfortable when I wear a top that is slightly oversized because then I don’t have to worry about my belly sticking out or the top being too short. As for the flared pants, don’t you think they give a nice shape for the leg? I am very happy with them and if you want to read more about them, find my article here. Since Spring is here, I like to put a bit of color in every outfit that is why I picked this yellow bag. I bought it from Zara and I got so many compliments on it over the time. This is the right time to invest in or rediscover a colorful clutch or bag to go with the spring colors.

Flared pants and Denim jacket

Flared pants and Denim jacket

Denim jacket similar HERE and HERE

Flare pants HERE but super cute ones HERE 

Yellow clutch inspo HERE with 25% OFF (find the code on the website)

How was your weekend? Mine went by fast and I wrote on my last article that this was actually my first weekend off in months. I have not done as much relaxing as I planned but I spend my time with friends and being hungover afterwards hahah. But now it’s time to get back to business and talking about business, did you guys knew that I am member of the Like to family? Well, I’ve been for months but now that I start getting more questions regarding my outfits, I though it’s a good time to start using it more often.


For those that are not familiar with the concept, is an app you easily download from the App Store or simply from here and it’s only for Instagram users. So the way it works is that, by downloading the App you can shop the Instagram looks of your favourite bloggers (including mine). How can you do it? Easy! You see an outfit you like from a blogger that is also using the widget, you take a screenshot of it or simply give a “like” and then boom, by miracle the outfit details of the outfit you liked are on your email ready to shop.  How cool is that? You will also see my Instagram pictures that are available to shop on the main page of my website under “shop the feed” or you can just follow me on Instagram and stay up to date. 

Flared pants and Denim jacket

Have an awesome week! 


“To me clothing is a form of selfexpression there hints about who you are in what you wear” – Marc Jacobs.


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