Will wearing current trends change your personal style?

Lately all I see on my social media accounts is about trends and it got me thinking. If you wear what is currently trending, will it change your personal style? To be honest I also promote trends. I even bought some of the trends that I thought fit my personal style and some because I liked them in the moment, but am not sure if I will wear them. I mean nobody wants to see the classic white shirt anymore when you can have ruffles, off-shoulder, stripes, just as a few examples. While cleaning my closet, I throw out a lot of clothes from last year which means lots of money. And I didn’t throw them out because they didn’t fit me anymore or because they are old but mainly because this year we deal with different trends. I even have clothes that I bought and practically never wore because I was never in the right mood for them or they just didn’t fitted the occasion.

Regarding my personal style, I don’t think I have one narrowed down. Sometimes I like to dress with oversized clothes with a cap and red lipstick and sometimes I like high heels and tight pants. I might be 30 but I still don’t have an exact personal style narrowed down yet.

Although I want to inspire you with outfits ideas I also understand the fact that a trend can easily be worn out. For example, I really liked the white ruffled shirt and honestly I wanted to buy it but by the time I decided on it, everyone had it and tons of brands had copies of it and it’s just became not so attractive to me anymore.

So, basically my question to you readers is how can you stay in trend but not lose your personal style?




Fresh look that is perfect for work or even a lunch date in spring, don’t you think? A white shirt is critical for a girl’s wardrobe and probably one of the trends that will NEVER go out of style. The light pink pants are from last year’s Missguided collection and the shoes I just got from here. I added the white blazer because I thought it would fit the Spring palette, this particular one I bought from Zara last year but you can find a similar one here (without the belt).


Cigarette pants HERE

Blazer HERE

White shirt HERE

High Heels HERE

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