Spice up your Monday


Is there a way we can make Monday the best day of the week? Yes, there is !

Is it just me or didn’t the weekend start like an hour ago? The week goes by so slow and then comes the weekend and I don’t even know how it went by.

Today I will talk about one of the steps from my how to have a great start of the week article, namely dressing nice for Mondays. As a blogger Monday probably doesn’t affect me as much as someone working a monday-friday job. I can make my own schedule and run my own business but that doesn’t mean I don’t have obligations. However, thinking back to the the time when I used to work in the fashion business, I literally hated Mondays. Coming back after a few days of rest, it’s hard to have to be back on again at the beginning of the week.

Maybe you’ve seen this quote “I am nicer when I like my outfit”? Well I hope you like the outfit I prepared for this Monday. Dressing nice for a Monday is like going into your most important meeting and nailing it, that’s how you can nail your whole week by starting with a motivated Monday. When you feel good in your outfit, you put out good vibes and it’ll help you get a smile back from people you meet (or that guy from the subway that is checking you out), because you know you look good. You feel more confident than when you wear a basic outfit, am I right? Spice up your Monday by picking a nice dress like this one for example, you can easily wear it with a pair of over the knee boots or if you don’t have those, try it with another type of boot, it’s easy to style. The point of it, is to try something different than the usual kind of outfit you would wear day to day. I styled the dress with 2 different jackets that I think most women have in their wardrobe, the leather jacket and the denim jacket. Personally, I like it best with the denim jacket but it looks good with the leather one also, right?




I am starting my week happy that I lost a bit of weight, I really want this summer to be able to enjoy some nice food and not worry that my clothes are too tight all the time. So with the beginning of March, I started counting my calories and lower a bit my daily amount of food, replace snacks with carrots and so on. I am the kind of  person that loves junk food and wine so I have been struggling to lose my weight for a year now but this year is my year! Temptation go away (I am thinking about burgers while writing this, so not helping, haha).


Find the dress HERE  (U.S.A.) and HERE ( Denmark)

Over the knee boots HERE

Old Other Stories Hat

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Miha, XO

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