A day in your life: It’s okay not to be okay & the white ruffles shirt


Some days are harder than others. Sometimes we just need to not be okay – and that’s completely okay.

In the last month I did my best to maintain a schedule on my blog where I post 3 times per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But this Wednesday I felt really uninspired. So for those that are regular visitors on my website I apologies, for those that want to become regular visitors, subscribe to my newsletter to get updated when I post.


A lot of things has happened lately that made me realise how little respect bloggers have from brands, from other bloggers and even from friends. It sounds silly to tell you about this now, when my website is about personal development and ways to boost your happiness but I guess in order to be able to give examples of those kind of articles, I need to learn to deal with moments like these. And the way to deal with moments like these, is… I don’t know! Frankly, I am still sitting on my couch and thinking about it but my first thought was to start writing this article. I don’t know about you, but for me writing helps me a lot, letting out what I feel in that moment, takes it off my mind and makes me not ruminate about it afterwards. Have you ever tried? Do you write your thoughts down sometimes?   


I think that many people deal with situation where they are not feeling on top of their game by talking with either friend or family, but for me it’s always been writing. As a teenager I wrote tons of journals that I ended up regretting afterwards when my dad found one of them. It was quite embarrassing, but writing them helped me at that time.


Now for another subject that I want to talk about: this white shirt. I ordered it 2 weeks ago and finally received it a few days ago and I love it. When it comes to white shirts, I like quality because they can keep looking great for a long time. This one is cotton and you can feel the quality of the fabric almost hugging you. It’s easy to iron and I really like that you can wear it on the shoulders, off the shoulders and so on. The wrap around makes it easy to wear and the ruffled sleeves give a nice touch. I paired it with jeans, more specific a pair of flared Zara jeans for more casual look. An outfit that can work both for dinner and brunch. Luckily for you, I got a nice discount code that you can use when buying it, check it on my Instagram.



Just as I finished taking pictures, I saw my friend Santina from Huesofwhite has a very similar shirt from Asos_white which I really liked also.



How do you feel about the ruffles trend? 


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