Ways to style the floral dress in Copenhagen


Copenhagen, the city of bikes and so much more has surprised me again. Everything started few days ago when I fall in love with this floral dress from &OtherStories and bought it straight away. Yes, I know, lately I’ve been all about &otherstories. Since Copenhagen has many places with colorful walls and cool houses, I thought we’d try something different this time and get some color and life to match the dress.

So we got up early in the morning, get out cameras on and ended up in this cool neighbourhood called Norrebro. For those that have never visited Copenhagen or perhaps is considering visiting, Nørrebro is one of the places you should definitely experience. The neighbourhood is Copenhagen’s hottest quarters with a multicultural mix and an influx of young locals.

We found this gorgeous red wall in a skate park, while kids were running by, people walking around and tons of bikes crossing next to us, we managed to take some pretty cool pictures. Right?


The floral dress was designed in LA and belongs to Los Angeles collection together with many other beautiful dresses. I liked this one the most because it has a little bit of everything, floral, nice elegant ruffles, deep cut outs, nice cut for the legs and the fabric is 100% viscose, which is perfect for the summer breeze. If you guys followed me until now, you will realise that I usually go for products with a good fabric. I look for comfortable but stylish and most important, items that can be styled in multiple ways for different occasions, like this dress for example.

Copenhagen with floral dress



And so, I played a little bit around with styling as you can see. Tried it casual with a pair of white sneakers, scandinavian style with the oversized jeans jacket and with jeans under. It’s rare that you would wear a dress with jeans under but I thought it turned out pretty cool right? And besides while it’s officially spring here, the temperatures are still low and under 10 degrees Celsius (50f) so it’s important we don’t freeze. I also brought my red mules from TopShop with me to try something different, and my yellow bag.



Dress HERE

All in all with this look I wanted to represent a colorful outfit, colorful Copenhagen and have fun while styling it. What do you think?

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