Street style Copenhagen – The white Blazer

street style copenhagen

I really enjoy taking pictures around Copenhagen. There are so many interesting places, just like the urban park in my previous post. I thought I would do the same for this post, except that this time I went to Copenhagen city. I was looking for some small streets and used the occasion to stop at Salotto 42. This place has an amazing vibe, it’s an Italian cafe by heart but also serves cocktails and even features a barbershop. It’s a really nice detour from the often cold and clinical scandinavian style. After a good amount of coffee and croissants we headed out for some pictures.


Salotto 42 Copenhagen

You can’t see it but there was a ton of bikes zipping past me, while I was trying to pose in the middle of the street, and lots of people staring from the sides. I was quite embarrassed in the beginning because I am not a model and don’t have moves to pose in front of the camera, especially with people looking and studying what I do. But my boyfriend was like “well, you wanna be on top then you gotta suck it up and don’t think of the people looking” and so I did.



To be honest, I had another outfit in mind, but the weather here is really depressing at the moment which leaves me no choice but to get my winter coat back on. So I changed my mind in the last minute and instead grabbed this white waist pajama blazer that I had on for London Fashion Week (see the post here), a pair of comfortable jeans and ran to catch the metro. You wanna know something else? Since I left in a hurry I forgot to wear something under the blazer so I only had a lace bra on. By the time I got to the cafe I saw my whole chest was outside for the metro riders to see. You know that moment when you get a lot of looks and you think, omg I must look super cool today and then realise that it’s your bra showing? Hahah

But now I realise that the blazer can be worn with nothing under it. I mean except a really sexy bra because you can tie it around your waist and the fabric is not transparent. So there are 2 choices: wear it as a blouse or as blazer.

white blazer - streetstyle

Speaking about the fabric, the only thing I don’t really like about it is that is hard to iron. I personally do NOT like to iron but I also don’t like to wear clothes that are wrinkled. When I bought this blazer (find it here) I also bought a pair of satin white pants HERE that together with the blazer becomes a suit, more exactly a pajama suit, something that is very popular and trendy this year.


This probably isn’t the typical scandinavian style that you as a reader might expect to see from Copenhagen but it’s by far my preferred style, as I always like to combine something elegant like for example the blazer with white sneakers instead of high heels. Don’t get me wrong I love high heels but they are not the only item in an outfit that can make you look presentable. In my opinion, it’s all in the attitude and vibe that you are giving to people around you.


With this being said, what do you guys think of the street style pictures? Is this something you would like to see me posting more often? Cause I kinda like it hahah and I am looking forward for some nicer weather, being able to wear more fun outfits and show you more of Copenhagen street style.

copenhagen street style
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