What influences your fashion style?

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When it comes to personal style I think that very few people have it all figure it out, me included. Lately I had an interview with one of the websites I work with and this question came up, what influences your fashion style? And my answer was very quick and straight to the point, my mood. That’s right! You must be wondering what is she talking about?


But seriously, in my closet you’ll find two distinct types of clothes: oversized, baggy, sporty and ripped and those that are elegant, sexy and a bit too tight. That’s exactly how my mood swings, either I am all nice and elegant or I go nuts, feel all boyish. The winter season is a bit of an exception, here I find it very hard to wear any of those styles and I just wear whatever, winter time it’s just not for me. So back to my mood, there are days when I could run in high heels and wear them constantly and days when you see me dress like a boy. Am I the only one in this situation? I see a lot of girls rocking it dressed with oversized clothes, but of course to make a statement, heels must be part of the outfit. Something else that influences my fashion style is influencers. I am a big fan of Pinterest and most of the times if I see something that catches my eye I try to create the same style but with something of myself in it. Speaking about Pinterest, please make sure to follow me and if you below your pinterest link in the comments, I will follow you back.


Theoretically, I bought this pair of joggers to wear with high heels like I saw them on the model that inspired me, but by the time they got here and MY MOOD shifted, I decided to do a comfy look for you guys also. What caught my eye about these joggers was the combination between light grey and the dusty pink striped details, the ‘74’ logo and the cuts on the heels. It makes them a bit more special and original, plus the fabric is very soft and very comfortable to wear.




Pants HERE

Sneakers HERE

T-shirt (similar) HERE

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What influences your fashion style?

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  • Bella Skoog (Bella)

    I can totally relate to the thing about Pinterest, it’s my fashion bible! I love your outfit by the way!
    XO Bella, http://nouw.com/bellss

  • Margot

    My philosophy is to dress for the body you want to have. I used to be skinny, then fat (thank you motherhood) and I still dressed as is I was skinny. Might not be for everyone, but it made me happy. The look I like the most, loose clothes that you can guess or see parts of skin of a well toned, like to workout body. And just sometimes, dress like a cliche, red dress, black dress, turn some heads. Another point I like to put into practice, dress for your lifestyle, I to work and I go to parks/ play grounds, this results to sexy outfit for park, For work is all comfort and a little show of preferences, like band tshirts.

    • Margot I am so happy for your response, you know I find myself in some of your situations like dressing for different occasions. Do you mind if I might use your idea for a future article? I think you made some great points. 🙂

      • Margot

        Please do, let me add that I like your blog, otherwise I would not have taken time to comment

        • Thank you Margot, that means a lot to me 🙂

  • Chloe

    I love this. I really admire the time and effort you’ve put into the post, the amount you’ve written, the pictures etc… It makes me feel like I’m spending my time wisely so, thank you for that.

    Just stumbled across your blog but, I won’t be walking away anytime soon (haha).

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    Chloe @ https://girllgonerogue.blogspot.co.uk/

    • Ohh, thank you for the kind words makes me very happy 🙂