How not using any makeup, face cream or other beauty products affected my skin

How not wearing makeup affected my skin

I wanted to do this for such a long time, a fresh clean detox of all things beauty and just let my skin breathe and relax. I’ve been lucky to never have any real skin problems so far but I am also very careful with what I apply on my face. I also don’t own a lot of makeup products and try to keep it simple. Partly because I am not that great at makeup, but also because I prefer a more basic approach, a tan, fresh and clean skin, just a little mascara and a prominent lipstick.

So, I thought that now would be a good time to give it a try and stay 2 weeks with no makeup, no face creams or other beauty products and share the results and my experience with you.

The first week was a bit unusual because I am used to applying a little foundation or powder to cover the dark areas under my eyes but now they are suddenly out there for everyone to see. I was constantly looking in the mirror which turned out to be a good thing because after a few days I got used seeing my face that way and realize that it’s not that bad.

I am not sure about what type of skin I have, but usually if I don’t apply a face cream after I wash it in the morning it would dry out and feel a bit uncomfortable. Now skipping the face wash and only washing with lukewarm water, I honestly didn’t experience that dry feeling and I wasn’t uncomfortable after washing.

The only magic trick that I used for my face was cucumber. When I grew up, modern face masks, oils or other beauty products were not very popular yet, so my mom taught me a lot of natural remedies for healthy skin and hair, one of them being cucumber. I usually put one slice of cucumber on each eye, covering the dark areas under them, one on my lips to freshen them up and one on my forehead. I leave them around 10 minutes and relax then I like to gently massage my face with the slices until my whole face gets moisturized with cucumber juice. I am telling you, the sensation is amazing and using cucumber has a lot of great benefits that you shouldn’t miss. You can read more about it, here .

As for interacting with people around you while not wearing makeup: yes, the first few days you get a few extra looks, because you may look like you didn’t have enough sleep or came to work with a hangover but they get used to it. It’s not like people won’t talk to you because you don’t wear makeup on, if that’s the case then you shouldn’t be talking to them in the first place.

Not having to wear makeup, It saves you time, imagine you have at least 20 minutes more every morning for yourself. Whether you sleep more or just enjoy not being in a rush anymore is up to you. I don’t know about you, but I also have this bad habit of not taking my makeup off before going to bed especially if I’m very tired and since I like white bedsheets, I can tell you that my pillowcases used to have makeup everywhere. Well, not anymore!

Looking at my face and seeing it just the way it really is, made me love my flaws and not consider hiding them. I’m starting to have a bit of wrinkles around my eyes, something  that I was kind of obsessed with for the past few months, but now I don’t even see them anymore. I literally got a new glow on my skin and a much more confident look on my face. You could say I might even look younger than before.

The truth is a lots of celebrities have now started to go out in public without makeup. Last year Marc Jacobson models walked down the runway with no makeup, Alicia Keys went to the VMA Awards announcing she won’t be wearing makeup for a while and even Brad Pitt was featured on top magazine covers with no makeup or Photoshop re-touching.

All in all, I am really glad that I tried it and I know that I can do it anytime again with no problems but I also kind of miss taking my time in front of the mirror putting some makeup on. I guess now even the makeup will feel different on me and will look even better.

Like Alicia Keys  says in Cosmopolitan , quote “ It’s great to not wear makeup, but it’s great to wear makeup too, if it makes you happy. If you like how you look with a full face, contour and some serious lashes, you do that and SLAY. But if you like yourself bare-faced, go forth and slay like that too. You do you. “

How Not Using Any Makeup Or OtherBeauty ProductsAffected My Skin

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