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Do you consider yourself a successful woman? What habits did you change in your daily life to get there? How do you explain success?

I believe that deep inside our hearts all women fight to be successful, but we see success in different ways. For some women success is finding true love, being able to have children, maintaining a happy family and other some women find success in having a dream career, making a name for herself. Personally, I am somewhere in between when it comes to defining success.

To have a successful life there are a set of personal choices that I encourage you to embrace as a way of life. These choices can be adopted for women who are serious about maximizing their personal and professional lives, women who won’t look back in a few years with regret.

Decision #1. She makes time for herself

No matter how you define success, many of you will recognize that time is our worst enemy. It’s really easy to get yourself loaded on work, whether you’re aiming for a better position at work or wanting to do better for your family, it often means working more. We tend to always find all sorts of other things to do instead, but set some time apart at least one a day a week just for yourself. What I’ve learned in the last couple of months is that we coordinate time, it is not time coordinating us. So if your day is full of activities then get up an hour early or schedule your activities in a different way. ‘’Make yourself a priority once in awhile, it’s not selfish, it’s a necessity.’’ is a quote from my previous article how to have the best me day where you can read about the importance of making yourself a priority and suggestions on how you can enjoy a day for yourself.

Decision #2. Don’t downsize your dreams.

Personally, I am aware that some of my dreams are way out of line but to succeed at a high level we must expect more. Not all my dreams come true especially not the big ones but I think it’s better having big dreams then nothing at all. Settling for small dreams or no dreams, you are guaranteed no progress at all.

Decision #3. Creates a healthy lifestyle for herself.

In my previous articles I talk a lot about my experiences with the life I used to have as an unhealthy, weight gaining, stressed work chocoholic. Things have changed a lot since then, as a matter a fact since I started writing this blog a few months ago. I’ve managed to build a different lifestyle for me, one that includes healthy food, exercise, healthy relationships with the people around me and a job that makes me happy. All these factors work together to build a healthy successful life.

Decision #4.  Financially savvy.

Many times when we think about success we also think about money. I find it very smart to always have something saved up for yourself. To always be very careful and smart about your spending. I also know as a woman, we easily get carried away and temptations are big for us. For me this is something that I’ve been doing for more than 10 years, I think I’ve learned from the mistakes my parents made in the past,  that it is important to always have your own backup. It’s a good way to always feel secure and motivated to do bigger and better.

Decision #5. Choose to be authentic.

Be you, very well – right? Who else are you gonna be? It’s takes less effort and energy to be yourself.  But what it does take is something that I feel many people are scared of: Courage! I struggled with this too for so long and sometimes I still do and I think social media has a lot of responsibility for this. We all have a fear of not being accepted or approved as we are, so we show something we are not instead. Successful women find success because of their own talents, skills, hard work and more often than not, not caring what others think of them. Take for example, Victoria Beckham, ex- spice girl, married, kids and a successful career. She is known for her original fashion style and although she never smiles and people often comment on that, finding her a bit moody – she says : ‘’I am smiling on the inside’’. I love it, she does not care about what others think of her.  

Decision #6. Having a positive attitude in hard times, while focusing on solutions not on problems.

The bigger we dream the more opportunity for obstacles, challenges and problems. On a funny note, something that came to my mind, is the song : “more money, more problems”, but it’s true. Staying positive while you are facing a hard decision or problem can be very hard, but staying negative and thinking to much of the problem, what it is gonna help you with? Successful women are always positive and by that I mean that they don’t focus and waste time on the problem itself but more on solutions. How can the problem be fixed? Because when you focus on solutions you attract the opportunities.

Decision #7.  Helping others.

Success doesn’t occur in a vacuum. You need people and people need you. I am the kind of person that believes in karma. Most of the times, I am very happy to help with anything if I can,  because I think it will reflect back on me when I need help from others. Helping others provides a deep sense of well- being that occurs to us while offering kindness, support and love. When you do good things, good things come to you.

Decision #8.  No more excuses, just do it.

What’s the reason you have not pursued your most authentic dream? If you think about it and look behind the reason, you might just discover that they could be reclassified as excuses – thoughts you are embracing that sabotage your dreams. In order to succeed in accomplishing your dream or your goal you must break free of your  excuses and go to the next level. If you could no longer use this excuse, what would you have to do instead? It’s like when I was young and I wanted to be the best in my class,  though I knew that would mean doing more homework than others and playing less. During the weekend – instead of homework, I would do anything else, clean or help my parents with other stuff and Monday I would turn in my homework,  done but not perfect, not for someone that wants to be first in class.

Decision #9. Dress the message

As a women but also as a man, the way you present yourself says everything about you. It is important that at work you make people respect you for your talents, but we can’t neglect that how you present yourself in front of others is extremely important. Together with your attitude, the clothes you are wearing impact the way people hear your opinions. It can determine whether others listen, trust you or ignore you. This doesn’t necessarily have you need high heels, suit and a white shirt but more likely clean, tailored and accordingly to the occasion. Many, many years back while living in London I had an interview for a company, I honestly don’t remember the name as it was such a long time ago, but I came dress  in what I thought was nice jeans. The manager that interviewed me told me straight away “I advise you in the future to never wear jeans while interviewing for a job in a company”and then send me on my way. Ha, that was a slap I’ll never forget.

Are you willing to adopt any of these decisions as your own? Which one stands out as our favourite? I am excited to read all that in your comments and please share this article with your friends so we can all help build a successful life. Successful women are generous!

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