Get rid of dark bags under your eyes, black pores and refresh your skin

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Hello ladies!


I just want to say a quick hello and introduce you to a few new beauty products from Anatomicals that I added to my daily routine. The whole set includes mask, eye gel, patches and strips that are meant to help deal with some problems I’ve had, dark bags under the eyes, black pores on my nose, forehead and chin area and generally tired skin.


Firming Face mask – this is a pre- moistened cloth mask that you apply to your face and keep for 20 minutes. It will help your skin look younger, smoother and more luminous. It’s especially nice after a late night with drinks and too much fun, I personally recommend this mask as it really left me feeling refreshed.


Anatomicals Face masks – it’s a package with 3 masks: the “makes your skin brighter (if not you) strawberry and yarrow face mask which I have on right now as I am writing this article. I’ll tell you that it gets into your skin very deeply and really work on the clogged pores. The “lettuce give thanks for that”  toning cucumber face mask that hydrates and soothes skin. I have not tried this one yet but as you guys could read in my previous beauty article How not using makeup, face cream or other beauty products affected my skin, you can see that I am a strong believer in cucumber’s benefits and I’m looking forward to trying it. “I feel the need, the need for seaweed” is a calming algae face mask, that I feel is perfect for a day when you come home from work and are just looking for some relaxing time to calm down.


World Pore 3 – face strips dedicated to blast away the blackheads on your nose, forehead and chin area. I first tried these on my nose and found that they could have been a bit more effective, I might have had some leftover cream on, that limited their effectiveness as I later tried them on my forehead with much better results.


No old bags allowed – This eye gel is one of my favourite. I simply apply it around the eye area in the evening before going to bed and I wake up with my skin feeling refreshed, renewed and more importantly moisturized. This is the last product I use on my face every night before going to bed.

eye gel for dark eye bags

Puffy Eye bag slayer – I saved the best for the last. I cannot express how much I love them! They are small patches that you apply to those dark baggy areas under your eyes and the sensation when you put them on is amazing. It’s refreshing but calming in the same time. If you are live a busy lifestyle and perhaps get a bit too little sleep, I totally recommend using these to avoiding black bags under your eyes.


My skin is not especially dry, but during summer when I spend a lot of time outside, my skin does tends to get a bit drier and I seriously recommend trying these products if you also struggle with dry skin. All the products are compact and convenient to bring with you when you travel or just keep in your purse to help combat the effects of a busy lifestyle on your skin.


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What do you use to prevent dark eye bags and black pores? Any mask you are using for  brighter and smoother skin?

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Miha 💕

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