Casual Summer outfit 2017

Summer Outfit

This casual layering became my uniform for the weekend. I thought that is about time that I start showing more casual outfits that you can easily wear in the weekend for example, since not all occasions call for dresses and high heels.

I know it’s summer, but here in Denmark it doesn’t mean you can put your sweaters away. Today for example is relatively got at more than 25 degrees celsius, but yesterday was about 15 degrees, so you always have to be prepared haha. That is why this grey sweater fit perfectly for this period, it’s not to chunky or warm but more laid back, easy to wear and with a neutral color. And the best thing is that this sweater comes in 2 other colors for you to pick from. I’ve linked them in the section at the end of the post, shop the post. I personally picked light grey because it’s the easiest to style and works really well with everything.

Boohoo knit and Missguided cigarette Pants

Sweater HERE

Pants HERE

Jeans would’ve been the perfect layered combination for this top, but I thought I would spice it up a bit and picked the cigarette pants. I loved the colors together, the way they matched and how practical those cigarette pants are, right? I also wore them in my previous articles, will trends change your personal style but for a completely different occasion and a completely different look. Even if you live in a country with warmer weather than here, a pair of cigarette pants are great to own because you can wear them, both in the office and in the evening with a really nice top.

Outfit for Summer 2017, boohoo knit and Missguided cigarette pants

My boyfriend was laughing at my sneakers because they are deteriorating a bit, but in my defense I’ve had them for almost 2 years and they are still going strong haha.

Summer inspirational ideas outfits, casual style

Missguided cigarette trousers

Knit and Cigarette pants

Not dirty sneakers HERE 

Clutch Alexander McQueen Sold Out

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Looking for more Cigarette trousers or other inspirational ideas? Check my Build your wardrobe category.

How do you like this casual outfit?

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