Summer Wrap Satin Playsuit


Quick update from Bali!

Lots of stuff to tell you guys but the Internet here is so slow, it takes me hours to upload pictures, even to open a browser takes a while so I will have to keep this post short and to the point.


Since I did not want to travel with a heavy luggage like I usually do, I packed mostly dresses and playsuits that are easy to wear, look good and take no time to style. I didn’t do any big holiday shopping either because the more I buy the more I don’t know what to wear, aren’t we all like that?


This brown satin playsuit was actually bought last year and I just love it. First of all, it’s satin and from my previous posts, the satin black dress you know how much I love this fabric. If you fancy showing a bit of cleavage, it can be opened a bit in the front. I personally wore it last night for dinner and when I wear it in Denmark where is much colder I usually have a blazer on and it works perfectly like that. The gladiators sandals are really comfortable, I just bought them from HERE. Wait, didn’t I just said I did no shoppings for this trip? Well only a few..

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Missguided playsuit summer fashion 2017

Summer outfit 2017

Playsuit HERE

Sandals HERE

Pearls, earrings,jewerly,short hair, hairstyle

I received the earrings together with another pairs as a gift from, they are so precious to me and for a pair of pearls they are not expensive at all. On my Instagram account you can see a discount code if you decide shop from their website. 

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