Bali adventures 2017

Seawalker under the water

Hello lovelies!


The days here in Bali been quite busy, but this is first holiday when I didn’t even have time to start reading the book I bought with me (on my bf’s suggestion) “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. If you read it, what was your thoughts on it?


We want to get as much out of this trip as we can, so we try to always be on the go. The city where we have our base on Bali is called Sanur and although we picked it because it was supposed to be more quiet and relaxing and not so touristy, I can tell you honestly that is VERY quiet, for example in the evening when we go for dinner, most of the restaurants are empty and it’s almost the same during the day. We tried a few restaurants here, some very good ones but we also experienced some very bad ones. So my advice is be really careful, even though there are people visiting a place, it certainly doesn’t mean it is very good. Biking along the beach and seaside is a must do, as you see not only the luxury hotels, but also the local sides of balinese people’s live and houses.


SeaWalker Tour – Walking on the seabed with all the beautiful fishes. If you haven’t dived this is something you should definitely try. They put a SeaWalker helmet on your shoulders and constantly pump in air that allows you to breathe and be able to walk under the water. We were a group of 5 people, each with our own SeaWalker instructor that took care of us and make sure we are safe and well. The water’s depth was around 4 meters and as soon as we got under the water we were all surrounded by little fishes in all colors. Personally, I got sea sick so I was dizzy all the time even going on the boat to the diving platform and my ears were killing me from the pressure so for me it was not my best experience ever. I did enjoyed seeing and feeding the little fishes thought. However, everyone else loved it and it was an awesome thing to see. Here are few pictures we manage to take.

Sea Walker

Yin yoga – Coming to Bali and not doing yoga? I couldn’t let that happen. I’ve tried yoga many times before, both in classes and at home but here it was just different. It had a more spiritual side to it and we felt like we really connected with ourselves and nature – it was perfect! We discovered the Power of Now Oasis Yoga and Meditation Center one of our first days here and it’s such a cool place, accepting open and carefree. There are many different styles of yoga classes taught there but I liked Yin yoga the most. This practice consists of holding different positions for longer than many other yoga styles, often 3-5 minutes in each. Holding an uncomfortable position for so long is very hard and exactly like when people find themselves in an uncomfortable situation at other times in life, you want to get out of it and escape it, but yin yoga teaches you to work through the uncomfortable and deal with it instead.

Yoga center Bali

Yoga Bali mediation center Oasis

Yoga Class Bali

To explore a bit further inland on the island, we hired a driver for a day. We hoped to see the famous rice fields, temples and waterfalls and some of the local communities, but it was raining all day (and when it rains in the tropics it really rains) so we got home soaking wet, but did get to see a few really interesting temples. We will try it again tomorrow and I will happily share the experiences with you. Stay tuned and follow me through my journey on my Instagram account


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