Floral dress and last updates from Bali

Water Temple Bali

Have you ever consider to visit Bali? My last 3 posts I am talking all about our Bali experience and what we’ve learn from there.

My trip to Bali in coming to an end, but what an experience. It’s been so different from anything I’ve seen before but I am really exhausted at this point. We’ve been on the move all the time, and I’ve eaten my body weight in seafood and tried all the different Indonesian cuisine.

Bali is more than just beauty, seeing the conditions that people live in there, how hard they work for food and money and in the same time how always smiling and friendly they are, it made me appreciate what I have and be more thankful.

Since my last post where I told you guys about few things we did there, we hired a driver for a day. This is much cheaper than going on an arranged excursion and with the right driver you get to see some of the less touristy places. We visited 2 temples: the Gunung Kawi Sebatu water temple in Tegalalang. We arrived in the middle of preparations for a big ceremony and saw how the guys are the ones cooking food for women (considering moving to Bali already? haha) and Gunung Kawi in Tampaksiring – This one was a bit more busy with tourists, but it offered some amazing views as it’s surrounded by rice terraces. We’ve also visited two of their waterfalls and the hidden White Sand beach so perfect and clear. To finish off, we saw the monkey forest in Ubud, where of course you see monkeys just being  themselves, some cute, some scary as they jump on visitors but one thing is for sure, they are not ashamed of expressing their ‘’love’’ in public with others watching, haha..

The Water Temple Bali 2017

The white beach Bali

Monkey forest Bali

The food here is an experience in itself, you can eat good and really cheap at small warungs or top quality and more fancy at many upscale restaurants. I personally love good wine, and that is probably the only real problem I had in Bali, it’s possible to find imported wines, but at a bit of a cost, luckily their local beer is not bad as a way to cool down in the heat.

Indonesian cuisine

On another note, although had tons of outfits prepared and pictures planned, we got busy exploring and enjoying the island instead so the only outfit left from Bali is the lovely floral dress that I had in my previous post, Floral trend. I am very happy about it since it fitted very well with the environment there and the fabric allowed me to stay cool even in the warm tropical evenings, perfect for summer. I only had 2 pairs of shoes with me, these gladiator sandals and the slippers, seriously nothing else. I used the gladiators for dinners and lunches and slippers just for the pool and walking around. (find them HERE)

Floral-dress-in-Bali The summer floral dress

floral dress Summer outfit, Bali

Dress HERE 

Gladiator Sandals HERE

My next article will be a guest post from a really blogger, talking about a subject that I am sure you ladies will be interested in so make sure you come back to check it out. Meanwhile, make sure to stay connected with my social media channels and share my post with your friends if you find it interesting.

What are your plans for this summer? Let me know in your comments. 

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