Active on Social Media while in vacation? How much is too much?

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A new vacation coming up? Traveling somewhere exotic and excited about the pictures you are going to share with your friends or followers? Showing people how much fun you are having while they are home working and sweating in the summer heat? That is great but make sure social media doesn’t take over your holiday charm.

Social media becomes more and more controlling day for day, from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest to Instagram, they all have a powerful affect on our way of thinking, dressing, behaving, even the places we visit. Social media is also a way for us bloggers to make a living, making it extra difficult to separate work from free time. So, unless you are a travel blogger and even so, how many of you are actually enjoying your holiday without worrying about posting on Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts?

I just got back from my summer holiday and although I did enjoyed it, I did spend a lot of my time on social media, now being home I realized that it was so not worth it, not at all. Can I get back the time? No, I can’t! What I do can is share with you some tips for when you are on vacation, you still need to be active but don’t want social media to completely take over your holiday time.

  • Before leaving on vacation, make sure you check some of the good hashtags that you can use for the summer holiday and make a note with them in your phone. This way, when you will post, you won’t spend time searching for good hashtags, instead it will just take a second to copy and paste them to the picture.
  • In order for you to not lose what you’ve worked so hard for and make sure your following base is still growing like it used to, try Social Media scheduling. It does not take long and after you’ve scheduled your photos all you have to do is sit back and relax. Check 5 Top Tips To Plan Your Social Media before Summer Holiday , useful and easy tips.
  • I understand that the first day you arrive at your destination, you are super excited and want to share as many pictures as possible but take it slow, take some days off to get in the holiday mood, check which picture are the best to post. Another thing that I think is important is to not overdo it, I suggest to post just once or twice a day while on vacation.
  • Changing the location, time zone and hashtags can mean two things: you are either gaining followers and likes from other countries or your followers drop. So be prepared mentally and in case it drops don’t take it too seriously because the followers you are losing won’t be your target audience to begin with so don’t get too consumed with it. Say to yourself that everything will be okay and you will reverse the trend when you get home, after all it is your holiday which should mean time off from working and worrying.
  • Set a time frame for how long you can be on your social media accounts. If you travel with someone else, imagine that is also their holiday time so staying on your phone at the dinner table and your partner waiting for you to finish, it’s not fair, right? So maybe you can set aside for example half an hour a day for yourself to check up what’s new, answer the comments from on your posts and perhaps post a new picture and that’s it. There are so many things you can better spend your vacation time doing, such as exploring, reading, spend time with the partner you are with.

I am always thinking, “how nice it would be to be a travel blogger – to be able to visit so many places, experiences and on top of that, to be able to get paid for it” but now I am seriously questioning how great it really is, because it’s a full time job and they are required to take tons of pictures or videos, how much do they actually enjoy the place and do they see the time they spend in a particular place as a holiday and not just another day in the office?

Although growing you followers is probably important to you, always remember that the numbers can rise or fall at any time, but the time you have while on vacation will never come back, so use it wisely.

Social media while on Holiday? How much is too much? socialmedia active in holiday time.

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