Bringing back the 80’s in 2017- The Red leather look skirt

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Bringing back the 80’s in 2017 with this outfit post 

As a girl raised in the 80’s and 90’s I grew up with probably the best music of all times, the best (and worst) fashion and in my opinion a much more open mentality. Just as the decade’s music is still something people remember and listen to, the fashion trends are also still relevant. Flared pants, polka dots (the trend of this summer), high waisted jeans, red and yellow items, slogan t-shirts, jumpsuits, ruffles are all making big comebacks, if you are interested you can check more of the trends on StyleCaster

This amazing red skirt brought me back memories and I just fell in love with it at the first sight. Certainly the fact that red is my favorite color helps, but I also love the details and the fit. I know it’s not a skirt for everyone’s taste but this outfit fit my mood at the moment and I really felt myself while posing for these pictures.

I found the best fit for this skirt is an 80’s rock and roll Metallica t-shirt such as this one I got 2 months ago from Topshop. Unfortunately it sold out pretty fast so it is not available but if you got inspired and want to create a similar look, I linked you some items with the same vibe that I hope you will like. Although I decided to go with high heels for this outfit, boots or sneakers work with it also.

Red skirt metallica

redskirtf rock outfit, punk , 80's fashion

red leather skirt

Fashion Summer outfit 2017 finish


Red Skirt HERE

T-shirt similar HERE

Leather Jacket Zara

Leather Look skirts

Burgundy Mini Leather skirt HERE

Studded detail skirt HERE

White Leather look skirt HERE

Black studded Leather skirt HERE

Buckle Detail mini skirt HERE

Leather Frill skirt HERE

T-shirts to help you create the 80’s Look

”Pretty Poison” T-shirt HERE

White T-shirt HERE

Love Moschino T-shirt HERE

Nirvana Oversized T-shirt HERE

Guns N Roses T-shirt HERE

ACDC Distressed T-shirt HERE

Currently I am working in rebuilding my website and updating some articles with new pictures and information. I just finished How to have a great start of the week and How to have the best ME-day, take a look, I hope you’ll like it.

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How do you like this outfit? Would you wear the red leather skirt?

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