2 Ways to wear Adidas during Fashion Week 2017

Denim, Levi's, Adidas, casual outfit, Fall 2017,

“Original is never Finished“ – Adidas

Is it just me or you are also slowly building your wardrobe for Fall season?

If there is something that Danish people talk about, no it’s not hygge, it’s the weather. How bad it is, windy, cloudy etc. This year we basically haven’t yet had a week with summer weather. Sometimes they even talk about the fact that they talk about weather constantly haha. If you ever want to start a conversation with a Dane, start with the weather and it will get you far haha

On another note, to be honest, it feels quite weird posing in front of the camera without heels, but this is pretty much my everyday go to style uniform. Jeans are usually my first pick and these Levi’s I just bought, I really love, find them HERE. The fit, the fabric and the way they shape my ass and my legs, what can I say, nothing can beat a good original brand, right?

Denim , jeans levi's Fall 2017

Adidas has always been relevant and it’s still is especially now that Nordstrom just launch their new collection on their website – I personally love it. As much as I would like to buy all their products, I ended up having the pair of trousers and the top that matches them. Seeing how scandinavians wear them, the set together would be a great fit and that was what I was going for in the beginning, but ..

Adidas outfit, casual chic jeans

Adidas , denim, levi's nike air thea

Jeans HERE

Adidas Top HERE

Shoes HERE

Since this is Fashion Week here in Copenhagen, you can see Scandinavian Street Style at it’s best and people are feeling more creative with their outfits. I really enjoy this the most during Fashion Week, seeing people mixing styles and not caring so much about rules when it comes to Fashion. The other day my stylist friend came over and after a couple of glasses of Prosecco we ended up with this outfit. At first I was like ‘’ hmm, I don’t know, Adidas pants with high heels?’’ but while taking these pictures I started to like this look more and more. Felt like I was Victoria Beckham grabbing my coffee in the morning haha, but you know what they say: ‘“dress like you are already famous”.

Adidas new collection 2017, Nordstrom

AdidasSet white shirt Zara high heels

AdidasSet white shirt Zara high heels

Trousers HERE

White Shirt HERE

Heels Zara (very old)

Shop my Favourite picks from the new Adidas Collection 

“Always dress like you are going to see your worst enemy”’ – Kimora Lee

Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know in your comments. 

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