What do you carry in your bag?

Beauty products in my bag

What are those beauty items you should always have in your bag? Those essential products that you cannot leave home without?


Maybe you guys noticed I am not big on writing about beauty products, frankly it’s because I don’t own that many yet, and I am not the kind of person that talks or writes about products that I don’t use or don’t believe in. However, I do go pretty nuts when it comes to a few particular products that almost never leave the house without.


This summer, even though heat or sun has not touched my skin much here in Copenhagen, I did my best to keep my face free from foundation because I’ve read so many positive effects about skipping foundation for a while that I wanted to try it too. The benefits are supposed to be many, for example: no more dry skin, pores look smaller (this is true, I used to be obsessed with the pores around my nose area, now I can barely see them) and you get some tan which is hard in Scandinavia. You can read more about the effects of no foundation on InStyle.com. But the 30’s hit me hard last year and it’s a struggle to keep that fresh new skin with no imperfection that I had my whole 20’s. Instead, using L’oreal Glam Nude BB cream has help me cover small tiny pimples on my face, dark bags under the eyes and other small imperfections without looking like I had foundation on. At first I thought I would be using both foundation and BB cream but then I realised that even without foundation it works great and looks natural. I think is a great product to have in your bag since you never know what can happen and you have the means to look fresh again.



Basic makeup enough for me but lipstick is not something that I leave without. Most of the times I pick a lipstick that goes with my mood, my outfit and the less makeup I wear the more prominent lipstick I wear and the other way around. My favorite lipsticks were, still are and will be the ones from MAC, don’t we all agree on this? They last forever, have great colors and affordable, right?



A few days ago I went out for a coffee and the waitress told me “Wow, you look like you just came out of the 80’s or 90’s, all dressed in denim, red lipstick and Chanel “. You can’t imagine how good that made me feel because the 80’s and 90’s were pretty much my favourite time and yes I told all my friends about this for the last 2 days: “do you know what this girl from the coffee shop told me?” haha. Chanel No.5 was actually invented in 1921 by of course  French couturier Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. I could talk all day about this perfume as I have been wearing it for probably 8 years now. Sometimes I change to Dior or try on a new new fragrance if I see one, but I always come to Chanel no.5. I am faithful! The best thing about it is that it’s the kind of perfume you don’t need much of in order for people to feel you when you come in the room. While it’s sophisticated, the scent which is flowery, swirling with jasmine, lilac and rose and the generous use of aldehydes, giving the fragrance a champagne-like sparkle  is not for everyone’s taste. This time I got a small bottle that can easily be carried around in a small bag if you are going for an event, party or just out for the day. It is never a bad time to wear perfume.


Like my outfits, versatile and practical I keep the same rule for makeup also, especially the colors. I usually stick with nude shades for my eyes or different nuances of brown which this new palette from HERE has plenty of. I apply the first 2 ones for a day look and if you want to create a night look add some of the other darker shades. I find it very practical and neutral colors are easy to apply and go with most outfits.

Canon S120 Mac lipstick chanel perfume

Can you go out without a small camera? Not in my case. Living in one of the nicest cities in Scandinavia is a privilege and an opportunity to make memories, visit new places and have lots of cool street shots. Plus, you always need to be prepared for a coffee flatlay, right? I have had this Canon S120 for approximately 2 years and I love it. It has great light for pictures, they are clear and clean, tons of settings and you can make really cool videos. It is also very small so you can easily stick it in your purse anywhere you go. If you are going in holiday or you are a traveller and find it hard to carry the big camera’s, this one will do just as well, I totally recommend it.

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So this is what I usually have in my bag, plus of course napkins (since I am always sniffling) cards and keys.


What do you carry in your bag ?


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