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Jord Wood Watch Close up

“Wear time well”- Jord


Right now I am thinking of.. The scent of fresh wood, like I am enjoying a walk through the forest during fall season, combined with brown like the color of the coffee beans. That is what it feels like when you first see the hand crafted wood timepiece known as the Jord Watch.


Since I was a small girl, a watch has been one of those essential and “never leave home without” accessories that I wear all the time. I have had and still own lots of watches. However, this Jord Zebrawood & Champagne timepiece is the first wooden watch for me and I was quite surprised to learn about it, are you familiar with them?



What makes the Jord Watch so special?


To receive one of the Jord Watches at my door was a great start to my day. I picked the Zebrawood & Champagne model, and no, not because it was named champagne although I can’t lie that did cross my mind but it was because of it’s design and style. The case that the watch is delivered in is an art piece in it’s own. Just like the watch it’s made from wood, well designed and handcrafted specially for you. When I first saw it, it reminded me of the little cases we used to put jewelry in as kids. The Zebrawood & Champagne is modeled for a modern lifestyle with a very simple, classic golden dial, covered with sapphire crystal glass, which perfectly fits my taste and personal style. In the back of the watch case find engraved some informations about the watch, it’s fabrication date and material and it’s inventor. This model fits well with a minimalistic style, the uncomplicated face allows focus and the streamlined shaping offers style.

Jord Wood Watch Review

The most I like about the strap is that just as the rest of the watch it’s not like others. It shows a very good attention to detail, workmanship and determination with refined design.


Aside from its exclusive design and creativity, all the provocative pieces come with a handy maintenance kit to ensure you can keep it’s great condition for a long. You can easily customise it and by using their measurement it’s easy to choose the right length for the wristband. When you purchase a Jord watch you’ll get a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, where you can return or repair it. And the best part is that you also have the possibility to pay it monthly starting from a small minimum amount. Isn’t that great?

Jord Watch Wood Case

Jord Statement Wood watch


Where and who can wear the Jord Watch?


To answer this question: Everywhere and everyone.

Their timepieces collection has both women and men’s watches making it easy to find a model that is fits your own taste.

I find this type of watch is extremely easy to combine and style with other items, especially when using colors that symbolise autumn such as brown, burgundy, neutral, grey and more.


I paired the watch with a pair of tailored flared wool trousers and with a simple white v-cut top for a business casual look that I think works well with the wooden watch.

Styling the Jord Wood Watch

Jord Watch case


Saving the best for the last – teaming up with Jord Watch has giving me to opportunity to share a GIVEAWAY with you that will end 6th of September. Just for entering you get $25 off and the winner will get $100 to spend on their website   at the end of the GIVEAWAY. All you have to do is click the giveaway link below and fill in a few details. Remember to share with your friends so they have a chance to win also. The giveaway will also be available through my Instagram account @beyouverywell next week. Good luck! 

Find the GIVEAWAY link HERE


Wooden Wrist Watch


**This post is in collaboration with JordWatches but the opinions are my own. 



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