Denim skirt outfit

Floral Denim Skirt

Although everyone is now getting ready for the transition from summer to fall wardrobe, denim skirts have been an essentials for our wardrobe this summer and at the moment they are exceptionally perfect to have. When it’s too hot for jeans you can easily wear the denim skirts, style them in different ways, for different occasions and even better, wear them with your light sweater for a fall outfit.

If you are the same as me, I can totally understand missed the feeling of wearing jeans and a sweater and cannot wait to build your fall wardrobe but the next summer won’t come for a really long time so I think it’s better to make the best while we still can.

In my previous post, How I wore the denim skirt you could see how I really liked the pencil denim skirts and I still very much do, but when I saw this pretty little white embroidered jeans skirt, with those raw cuts on the bottom and for that affordable price, I completely fell in love. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Super comfortable to wear and although it may look a bit short I honestly had no problem with it. It didn’t pull itself up while walking and I wasn’t scared that my butt was showing, at least not that I noticed hahah. I ordered the skirt in 2 sizes, I am usually a size S but for some reason size M fit me better for this one so if you have the same body type as me, I suggest you to go for a medium size.

Denim outfit Skirt Embroided

We took the pictures at a really fun park with those white lines on the ground that I really really liked, so I thought I would put up a super chill, casual outfit to go with the mood. So, obviously, a simple t-shirt with sneakers was my first pick.

Denim Skirt Ebroided Miss Selfridges outfit

Denim skirt outfit embroided Asos

Denim skirt embroided white tshirt casual outfit summer

Denim Skirt HERE 


Nike Sneakers HERE

Bag pack old from Zara

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