Boots you must own this Fall 2017

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If there is a sure way to get through the fact that the cold season is coming our way, that is by rocking it with the best clothes this fall 2017 can offer.

Sweaters, coats and jeans are definitely my favourite, but boots not so much. I am honest when I tell you that for the last couple of years I had a really hard time finding just the right pair of boots that are comfortable and I feel good wearing. I always attempt to buy black for some reason, although I really like white shoes and always buy them cheaper than usual because I am thinking that I better stock my closet with a couple of pairs.

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This year is different though. I changed a lot about my lifestyle, including what I consider before buying new clothes. I only buy things that I need, I look for good quality and items that are versatile. And this is not only when it comes to clothes but the same goes with boots and shoes. I researched a lot until I bought these silver mirrored ones and I really like them. They have been spotted all over Fashion Week in February 2017 according to ,they are everywhere on Pinterest and they are here to stay. Plus, I can honestly tell you that they are comfortable and affordable, yep! Check them out HERE . Many girls on Instagram have asked me what I will wear them with and here is an example. 

TopShop Best Seller Silver Boots Fashion week 2017

Topshop Boots ., boots you must own this fall, fall fashion shoes for this fall high heels bootsjpg

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Since my birthday is today, September 2nd – YAY! I was lucky enough to spoil myself with another pair of boots and these ones are really something. I’ve been looking at them for more than 1 month, dreaming about having them until the day they got to my door. Yes, they are a bit pricey they cost around 995$. But how beautiful are they? I love everything about these boots, the heel which is not too high, the snake leather, the YSL sign on the heel, everything. For my birthday this was the perfect gift by far.

YSL Boots fall boots fall winter fashion Yves Laurent YSL Boots fall boots fall winter fashion Yves Laurent YSL Boots fall boots fall winter fashion Yves Laurent

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Since I cannot really buy all the boots that I would wish to, I’ve linked you a few pairs that are best sellers right now and that I also really like. 

Hurry up, usually these boots are sold out fast. 

12 must have boots fall winter 2017

1. HERE  2. HERE (they have 33% OFF) 3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE  7. HERE  8. HERE (they also come in many different colors) 9. HERE  10. HERE (simply love them) 11. HERE (you can find them in black also) 12. HERE

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