How to bring a smile on someone else’s face

Corduroy trousers and sweater outfit pink and red combination copy

Have you ever considered how easy it is to bring a smile on someone else’s face?

I remember once I was on my way back from work after a really bad day when a woman sat down next to me in the subway. She was incredibly friendly and it turns she was a psychotherapist who spend that day going to a flower shop that was having a big sale. She bought a bunch of flowers and passed them out around the city. That day I got her last bouquet of flowers and I can honestly tell you that I completely forgot everything about work – in fact I got home all smiley and feeling very good about myself.

Most of the time, we are all caught up in our own little world where we worry so much about our own problems whether they are personal or work wise, that we forget to stop and look around just for one minute. While I do believe that the most important relationship you have in life should be with yourself, I think that helping others and making someone smile is part of building that relationship. So now, I am asking you, when did you last put a smile on the face of a stranger?

If it’s too long ago, do yourself a favour and try one of these ways

13 ways you can bring someone else’s smile on their face

  1. Using public transportation? Give up your seat with a smile to someone who needs it more.
  2. Flowers? Buying flowers for a lot of people is not free but if you find an offer in a flower shop like the lady I told you about, why not share them with people on the street.
  3. Are you at work and having a discussion with someone, disagreeing about a certain subject? You know you are right but somehow your co-worker thinks the same? Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle and if it doesn’t effect your work, what if for once, you just agree and let your colleague have the last word? Try being the bigger person, it will make you both feel good.
  4. Hold the door – just like giving up your seat for someone else, smiling at someone and opening or holding the door for them, can also have the good effect of bringing a smile to their face.
  5. You see someone at work who seem sad or in a hard situation? Invite them to lunch, buy them a coffee, ask their opinion into a project or even better ask them how they feel and just listen to their problems. Sometimes people just need someone to hear them out.
  6. Charity? Human rights? Animal lovers? Are you involved in any of these? If not, that’s okay. There are other ways to make someone happy, but now with the seasons changing, after cleaning your closet perhaps there are some clothes you can pass on to others?
  7. Old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while? Or maybe even family? Give them the call that they have been waiting for. They will surely be happy to hear from you.
  8. Leave a joke on someone else’s answering machine. Anything funny that comes up in your mind? Share it with friends or family members so they can have a laugh too.
  9. While going shopping, make sure to always wish the cashier or sales assistant a nice day. I was a sales assistant  long time and I can tell you that just a simple thank you or have a nice day can make a huge difference in their day. The same can goes when you meet the mailman, the delivery guy or anyone else that helps you.
  10. Living together with someone? Let them know how much you appreciate them. You may think they already know, but they will love hearing it.
  11. Compliment someone. If you like your friend or co-workers outfit, make sure you let them know how good they look.
  12. Kids can go from crying to laughing in a second so take advantage of that and make them smile. Play their favourite game, take them to places they wanted to visit for a really long time or make them a surprise cake.
  13. Smile – Saving the best for last, but seriously! Go ahead and smile, even if you don’t feel like it, even if it’s for no reason at all, do it for yourself and for others.

How to bring a smile on someone else's face

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Corduroy trousers? Bring back my high school wardrobe

Corduroy trousers pink sweater fall outfit fall fashion, how to make someone smile

I think by now you have an idea about how to put a smile in someone else’s face but how about we dress in style while doing it?

I found this particular outfit very fitting with the positive mood of the article because of it’s vibrant but still calm colors. Corduroy is the kind of fabric that reminds me of my highschool years when I used to wear corduroy all the time. It also reminds me of the pictures of my dad with his corduroy flared pants from the time he was in highschool haha. According to Vogue, corduroy is coming back pretty strong and this is one of the trends that I am really happy about. Sometimes I am thinking I should’ve just saved the wardrobe I used to wear in high school, it would have been super cool now haha

Even though they are pink, you shouldn’t get scared that you don’t have anything to style them with because they are infinite ways: sweaters, a white shirt, turquoise (yes that was my first idea to begin with, amazing), a plaid blazer, another pink or red item, need I say more?

Since we are going pink, why not go all the way. Happily I added another sweater to my sweater weather collection. First I thought I would wear this look with a pair of white boots but the ones I had in mind were unfortunately sold out. But going through stores I found an even better fit: the red boots and bag. Love at first side, seriously! Both are suede and really pretty and comfortable.

Corduroy pants and sweater fall fashion outfit of the day

Corduroy trousers pink , sweater and red bag

Pink and red outfit, corduroy trousers, fall sweater, fall outfit of the day

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Trousers (sold out in pink) HERE but you can find them in red HERE

Sweater HERE


Boots HERE

More corduroy trousers 

Brighten up your wardrobe and make someone smile today.

Any other ways you can think of that would make someone smile today? Let me know in your comments.

By the way, sharing this article would really put a smile on my face. Sharing is caring!

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