16 Essential Statement Earrings

16 Essential statement earrings for bussiness women

Does size matter? Yes, size most definitely matters when it comes to earrings and not just any earrings, statement earrings.


“A statement earring is bold and unique and it conveys a statement about who the wearer is.”


Fun fact: Until I cut my hair short I didn’t wear earrings, can you believe that? I had earrings when I was younger and in my teenage years decided to make lots and lots of holes in my ear since it was really cool to have like 7 earrings in one ear, but ended up with an infected ear and took them out. Since then, until a few months ago when I cut my hair, I did not wear earrings again. But short hair changed my attitude, my confidence and the way I present myself so now I love getting out of my comfort zone and trying some bold, oversized earrings.


What are statement earrings and how can you wear them?


“Statement pieces of jewerly allow women to step out of the mundane and define themselves as unique, confident, passionate and interesting people.”


Statement earrings are supposed to be big, and bulky. They are meant to draw attention to yourself like the ones I just got from HERE. I spotted them a really long time ago but I was just a bit scared whether they will look good on me or not. Result? Love them.


Truth be told, bold jewelry and especially earrings are not to everyone’s taste and if you don’t have short hair like me for example, you may experience all sort of troubles as they get caught up in your hair or they may not get the attention they deserve. So what can you do if you have long hair and still want to wear statement earrings? Lots of choices, a simple tail in the back solves it, but long haired ladies can choose between lots of hairstyles that has the hair away from the ears, in fact get inspired by lots of long hairstyles that you can wear with bold earrings HERE

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This Outfit is coming soon on the blog 

Since wearing statement earrings can bring such a big impact on your persona and also on your outfit, I suggest you choose clothes and other accessories that are more calm. As for makeup, try to put the statement earrings on before doing your makeup. The idea is to keep it simple when it comes to makeup as well, just enough to not distract from the earrings.


As always I made a list of statement earrings I hope you will like and you can also shop mine directly from HERE. Oh, and bold statement earrings is not only for any elegant, party, or cocktail occasion but if you pick the right ones you can make a great style impression at your workplace.

16 Essential statement Earrings

India Drop Earrings HERE (Whether with a cocktail dress or chic separates, this minimal silhouette is all about maximum impact.)

Bonita Drop Earrings HERE (Add a playful pop of color to everything in your wardrobe with these of-the-moment drop earrings, featuring a fun fringe and a glint of gold.)

Metallic Disc Tassel Earrings (under $10) HERE

Picasso Earrings (they get sold out pretty fast ) HERE (love them!)

Fridge Drop Earrings HERE

Cupchain Drape Shoulder Duster Statement Earrings (they are in fact, quite long) HERE

Eleni Drop Earrings (sold out but similar) HERE

Corsetta Tiered Tassel Earrings HERE (incredibile light weight and comfortable for all day wear)

Metal Pendant Earrings (these are the ones I have and you can see them in the pictures HERE 

Fringed Drop Earrings HERE 

Tassel Earrings HERE

“Marquise” Earrings (so elegant) HERE

Ball Snake Chain Tassel Earrings (sold out but similar) HERE

Stud Tassel Earrings (red) HERE

Drop Earrings (golden) HERE (Their mirror-like finish makes them an absolute must for your LBD)

Ball Drops Earrings (They come in both black and white for only $14) HERE


Shop the earrings 


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