20 Best Christmas Party dresses

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Glitter, velvet, ruffles, lace .. let’s talk party dresses!

The next couple of months will probably be busy with lots of parties or events that you have to attend. It can be a hectic season, but I find it much more bearable and enjoyable when you are organised and have your outfits ready in time. This way you are not stressed or frustrated about whether you have something to wear, instead you have time to change your mind and save lots of time and energy.

Finding the right dress for a party and especially the office Christmas party can be quite difficult because you want to look good, you want to make a good impression but you don’t want to over do it. You should be aiming for something that is not too formal as it is a party after all and you can dress formal everyday at work, not to casual with items such as sneakers, animal print or jeans but also not with clothes that reveal too much either.

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Dress (sold out but exact model ) HERE

Are you nervous about what to wear already? Don’t be! I am here to make this task easy for you. From velvet to satin dresses and lace I have picked a selection of dresses for any body type, dresses that can help you make a great impression at your Christmas party. My idea first was that I would make a small selection of 10 dresses but somehow I couldn’t help myself, so I added a few more for you to choose from.

christmas party dresses 20

  1. 1. HERE  2. HERE  3. HERE  4. HERE  5. HERE  6. HERE  7. HERE  8. HERE  9. HERE  10. HERE  11. HERE  12. Sold out but similar HERE
  2. 13. HERE  14. HERE  15. Sold out but similar HERE  16. HERE  17. Sold out but similar HERE  18. HERE  19. HERE   
  3. 20. HERE

Any questions about how to style a certain dress you like? Please let me know in the comments, I will do my best to help:) 

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