Christmas Gifts For The Office, under $15

Trouble finding the right Christmas Gift for a colleague? Something that doesn’t break the bank since you still have to buy gifts for your family and close friends, but one that still makes an impression?

Is your workplace or school arranging a Secret Santa again this year? Or you just want to exchange a small gift or show a bit of attention to someone you enjoy working with? Great because in this post I am hoping to give you ladies and gentlemen some good budget friendly ideas for just that.

I remember the time I used to work in a really big company, Secret Santa was a favorite of mine. We used to do it by putting your name in a bucket, after which everyone picks the name of a coworker, keeps it secret and then buy something for around $10 and up to $15 max. something small and often funny to symbolize your relationship. In my opinion, the small gesture of even participating in Secret Santa (there were also people that did not want to be part of it for some reason) is simply making the atmosphere at work more fun and helps you slowly build a relationship or shows the person that someone thought of him/her. Some colleagues you know better, maybe you even see them outside of work. Others less so, but then this is a great opportunity to show them another side of you.

How much money you should spend on the gift and what you should buy can be quite tricky to figure out, right? It really depends on the company and how well you know the colleague you are buying a gift for, but I would suggest $10 to $15 in most cases.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so my suggestion is to hurry up and secure your gift as most of the things get fast sold out very fast during this period. Some of the websites I picked have offers and discounts so you might even end up with half the price after all.

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1.Black Socks $9,99 – The softest socks ever, the perfect gift for a man. ( I never met a man that did not need more socks, did you? haha)

2.Rubber Round Mouse Pad $7,99 – Do you know someone that is in need of a new Mouse Pad? This particular one comes in more than 10 different colors.

3.Intense Therapy Lip Balm $7,50 – With the cold weather at the moment, everyone could use a lip balm.

4.Cooper Head Massager $6 – I actually got one as a present last year and it’s so much fun, it actually massages very gently almost caresses your hair. Your colleague will definitely love it. SOLD OUT but can I tempt you with this Daily Planner Journal HERE ?

5.Wide Glitter Picture Frame $6 (2 for $10) – a really cool frame that people can put a picture with their loved ones in. Comes in 4  different colors.

6.Eyeshadow Palette $12 – Perfect shadows for work makeup.

7.DIY Eggling Planter $12 – I don’t know if you have ever seen this but eggling is an egg you can crack and grow a small plant inside. You can read more on the website and pick other colors but I think it’s a great gift for someone that likes to decorate their office or just someone that could use a small plant in the corner. SOLD OUT but with this she/he can grow their own aloe vera plant. HERE

8.Avocado Halves Socks $8 – You know someone that loves avocado? Then they might like these. (I have them in white)

9.UO Gift Card $25 – If you really don’t find anything you like or don’t have enough time to order it, I suggest instead just buying a gift card where the recipient can shop anything they please. It’s probably the easiest way but from most of websites the minimum amount is $25 and you can add if you want more.

10.Candy Bomb Cath Frizzer 7,50 – You know someone that might enjoy a nice colorful bubbly bath? Then they will love this for sure.

11.2 Pack Print Pants $16 – Did one of your colleagues recently give birth? Maybe a small gift for her babe is the best present for her. SOLD OUT but similar HERE

12.Fizz Pug Shot Mug $8 – Coolest Mug EVER! SOLD OUT but similar HERE

13.Glazed Ceramic Planter $12 – Such a beautiful exclusive ceramic handmade planter, I just love it.

14.Grey Faux Bunny Pull On $10 – These will help your colleagues keep their feet stylish and warm all year round.

15.Bright Boost Oil $7.49 – This oil will leave her skin silky, soft and never greasy. SOLD OUT but maybe she might like this scrub instead?Pure sugar Scrub Purify and Unclog HERE

16.Leather Envelope Card Holder $13 – You might think that we are going over the budget with this one but no, it’s 100 %leather , very classic and beautiful, a lovely gift for your co – worker. SOLD OUT but similar HERE

If these gifts don’t fit your target, here is a selection of more gifts that you can get for your colleague or even friend – still budget friendly (under $15).

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Miha 💕

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