10 ways to enjoy a cosy holiday time at home

10 ways to enjoy the cosy holiday time at home

With the cold weather and holiday season coming up, nothing compares with the feeling of peacefulness, relaxation, warm and coziness or like they say here in Denmark, ‘’hygge’’. If during the summer I was super excited to go out and spend as much time outside as possible, this period I started to enjoy my time inside my small apartment, decorating or doing things that make me happier. A home does not have to be very luxurious or fancy in order for you to feel cosy but any of these small things can help you transform your home into a place you can’t wait to come to.

Blankets and warm socks.

blankets on the bed christmas time

I can’t imagine a home during winter time, without a big nice warm blanket. My favorites are wool blanket and faux fur but you can also buy knitted ones or even knit one yourself. If you are lucky to have a nice balcony or porch outside, then having some fresh air covered up on your favourite blanket is a great way to spend your morning.


‘’Candles are a great way to add joyous mood to your home’’ says Anna Hackathorn. I couldn’t agree more! In fact, different scented candles can help boost your mood. I even wrote a post about it HERE. This season I am usually looking for candles that smell like pumpkin spice or apple but I also like the vanilla ones. What is your favourite candle scent?


Writing about pumpkin and apple scent candles turned my thoughts directly to pumpkin pie. Oh, it’s so good! Baking your favourite pie or trying out other recipes you stumble upon is the best way to spend your weekends or evenings.

the home cook book, best seller cooking book

Recommend it HERE

Have guests for dinner

While going out can also be nice, inviting friends over for dinner, movie night or even game night can be quite cosy and fun. During this season I rather prefer going to someone’s home or inviting people over than going to restaurants, plus it’s a way of getting to know them better.

Unsorted photos

I know that now people have tons of photos on their phones, computers, social media accounts or just cameras, but I really used to love photos more when I was young and you used film and looked at the developed photos. So if you have any of these old film photos, arranging an album is fun but you know what would be more fun? To put all your photos on a pile unsorted, pick one at random see what you get. Doing this with someone else is a great way to share memories.

Popcorn and movie

It goes without saying, but this is a really good way to spend your evening. These days there is also Netflix and chill, which can also lead to a cozy evening 🙂


With all the time spend at your home, handiwork that improves it could be a good hobby, it help you unwind from your work week and costs you less than actually buying the product. You can start building a Christmas wreath of greenery, berries or pinecones. Hang it on your door or on the window. Knitting or making ornaments for the Christmas tree, making your own holiday greeting cards are other great DIY ideas.

Hot beverages

hot beverage

Hot beverages are essential for the cold season. I am a big fan of cocoa with warm milk and warm mulled red wine with cinnamon. Make sure to get a personalised mug to make drinking more fun.

Make your home smell like Christmas


Your home will get extra cozy and nicely smelly with this recipe, HERE. A recipe that I am really excited myself to try this weekend.

All of the lights

Lights for chrismas time , dan-whale-155993

My apartment is really small, but the one thing that I do have is a big balcony. During this season, lights are really important to me. I love to decorate my balcony with lights that turn on during the evening and see them through my window. You can also decorate inside your place with small lights, it creates a really cozy atmosphere.

Everything in our surroundings, from the color of our walls, the patterns of our furniture, the scent in our home, the cleanliness all these affect our mood. This is why it is important for us to make our home our own little space that help us get away negativity, helps us relax and keep our cool.

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What’s your favorite thing to do on a cozy weekend at home?

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